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dreadlocks shampoo

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11/17/10 06:20:18PM
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Dread Heritage

History and Religious Significance

and irish!

i have a lot of dutch in me though
my great great grandparents lived in Amsterdam and i really want to go there and feel the energy and connection that they have left behind
updated by @jeanine: 07/27/15 11:14:23AM
11/13/10 10:06:31AM
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Discouraged :/

Introduce Yourself

judging is conditioning, it's only real when it affects you after it's have to be strong,when i chose a new lifestyle for myself i basically walked into the darki had lost my boyfriendi had lost my friendsi had no idea of who i wasi let go of everything that was weight on my shoulders and started to try something else, i wanted to experience the meaning of being, living, loving unconditionally. (always)i left my old ways and started new. everything. nothing was the same about me, i wanted to let go of this image of "who i was". i was reading books about self experience, freeing your mind, and i was also doing things for myself i had never done.i walked into the dark.the minute you walk into the dark you feel scared, alone, helpless.but what you don't know is that in the dark, there's a light waiting to be have to find that light.i cant' find it for you, your family can't find it for you, no one but yourself can find it for have to be willing to look at yourself and begin to love who you are.when you can love yourself you can love everyone else and you can live with what other people say, how they judge you, and how they live because you have unconditional acceptance and love towards others. (and it started from feeling that for yourself)all your life, people are going to judge you, love them anyway.all your life, people are going to hate you, love them anyway.all your life, people are going to try and tell you that you aren't doing the right thing, but in reality: who can prove what's right and what's wrong? love them loving yourself, you can love your dreadlocks, and you can love others even if they don't love are who you are, you have to know in your heart and soul that no situation or judgment can make you something other than your true essence.judgment may be annoying, but there are many people out there willing to love and accept you.never ever believe that there aren't.remember, when you walk into the dark, you see the light.good look on your dreadies!namaste!
11/09/10 06:28:58PM
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feeling a bit discouraged :(

Dreading Methods

are you using anything in your hair besides shampoo?i strongly recommend dr. bronners for the start of the natural process, that's what i useit instantly thickens your hair and starts knotting it up without any work on your parti've been doing my dreadies naturally for a little over a week now and to my surprise i already have some parts tightening up and getting knotted
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