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craig huckins
@craig huckins
10/10/10 04:10:30AM
2 posts

Discrimination against dreadlocks in school hair wars on individuality

Life Issues Facing Dreads

You may also want to mention that a member of the New Zealand parliament wears dreads... I hate the mindset that dreads are only for dope crazed crysty hippies! I love the confusion on peoples faces when I'm going to work in my pinstripe suit, shirt and tie with dreads. They just cant figure it out... Poor minibrains.
craig huckins
@craig huckins
10/09/10 08:15:37AM
2 posts

dreadlock sea salt locking accelerator

Dread Products

soaringeagle said:
well in that case yes it will help ya dread like crazy
make it about the same as sea water
a dip in the ocean will do ya good anyday

with dreads natural as can be is the rule, so as closely as u can imitate nature is best
if i was able to wash mine in a stream all the time i would (or waterfall would be heavenly)
in nature u might pound the pulp out of some leaves to wash with so when u cant do that the best alternatives are herbs and oils from natural sources

(i guess im maybe a hypocrite tho cause what the hecks baking soda made of? i dont think it grows on treees)
LOL Not a Hypocrite soaring eagle... Baking Soda is Sodium Bicarbonate which is what most Marine organisms like corals, crabs etc. build their skeletons / exoskeletons / shells from, and it comes from calcium carbonate in sea water!!!!!
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