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Joshua Cameron
06/01/10 05:36:28AM
3 posts

What is a Hippie?

Alternative Lifestyles and Subcultures

well said.well said indeed. :)Pamella said:
hmmmm...The word Hippie doesnt bother me at all....just peaceful thoughts that there may be an openess ...Our open minded "hippies" in the 60's and 70's that made some changes that were needed...Someone needed to Speak Up...and revolt a bit!!!

In essence, with the word hippie..I guess it is how the person perceives themselves that matters...In many ways, I consider myself a hippie....Only because I gathered the essence from the positive vibes that I received from my childhood..I like being around open minded people..Most have been considered "hippies" I believe it takes all types...and I receive all types of people in this world...learning more and more each day about humanity..It is all about being ourselves..
If someone is clinging to the shirts, the logos, and all the little cut micro dot bears that comes along with the "media" version...well, they are just on the path searching for themselves, just as everyone has in this life...Give em some slack and love..Regardless if we admit it ir not, we have all fell into this catagory at some time or another...and if we are judging there actions, although we shout from the rooftops we dont like "labels" were are labeling them as well...Just relax... The most important thing we can do is realize others are searching for a better way, just as we..and we just need to be an open vessel to love them and appreciate what they are bringing to the table...~~~Everyone has something good to give~~~
Right now, there is so much crack cocaine, meth and mainstream "gangs" and bad influences out there..Alot of crime, and self degrading acts with our younger generation....If a young person wants to call themselves a "hippie" it is probably because they believe it is a better path to be on...Open arms~~ Open Arms~~Just my perspective on things~~Love and blessings to all~~
Joshua Cameron
06/01/10 05:28:08AM
3 posts

i need biblical references to dreadlocks my church kicked me out for wanting to dread

History and Religious Significance

if they kicked you out because of that maybe its time to find a new church.seeing as christianity is about loving others as yourself, accepting other peoples differences, and loving them just the same. its about becoming more like jesus and reaching out to the poor and needy, not about discriminating just because of someone's hair.
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