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Miranda Linton
05/29/10 03:52:27AM
2 posts

Nightmare about losing dreads

Life Issues Facing Dreads

So last night i had the craziest dream it started out me taking a shower and washing my hair i wrapped it up and took a nap when i woke up and unwrapped my hair my dreads were gone and i had normal hair again it scared me so bad that i woke up and started to feel my hair thank god t was just a dream but i was curious has anyone else ever experianced a dream like that it deffinatly made me know that im in this for the long run i hope i never feel that feeling again lol
updated by @miranda-linton: 01/13/15 08:36:11PM
Miranda Linton
05/25/10 03:02:33AM
2 posts

rainbow gatherings?

Alternative Lifestyles and Subcultures

hey everyone my name is mermaid i just moved to organ and i was just wondering if there is going to be a gathering near here i would love to go
updated by @miranda-linton: 01/13/15 08:35:50PM
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