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Jay Bluest
04/04/10 03:21:40PM
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dreading the 1st few weeks of dreading

Dreading Methods

[ first of all sorry for my typing, english not my first language]I guess everyone of u thinks that the best way just to leave dreads the way they areand not to try fix them daily or weekly.I have rare hair and thin so i was having troubleto figure out daily what to do with them and also i washed them everyday.So i decided to get dreadlocks [ i always wanted them since 13]Finaly i have my dread for like 5 or 6 months. They still short and its not so many of them on my head like everyone else have a nice 'bush of dreads' but im happy with it and if imnot gonna fix them weekly i mean roots and when they look fuzzy i think my hair just gonna grow from roots and after a year i will have dreads just at the ends of my hair and the rest of it will look normal, well this is just how i think, so im not sure should i just leave them to be on their own or should i keep taking care of them??
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