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10/04/09 01:47:33PM
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to dread or not to dread, that is the question, things to concider before taking the plunge

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"2 do you easily become obsessive over your looks? constantly need to be perfect? this isn't a dread or no dread determining factor but must be concidered. dreads are never perfect, and the more time u spend trying to make them perfect the more frustrated you become. letting go of that need to be perfect can be very therapudic however ( have personaly witnessed dreading cure eatting disorders which originate from that same obsession with perfection)"I decided to get dreads because i fit into that category of tall blond girls who always have to look perfect. I had a life changing experience this summer that taught me that i dont need make-up or perfect hair to feel good about myself. but when school started i fell back into my old ways of waking up at 5 am to make sure my hair and outfits were perfect. I considered dreadlocks for a few months so that i could try to change the way i look at myself and get out my superficial rut. i finally made the commitment and went through with getting them a week ago. I love my dreads and the new confidence i have found in myself."5 attraction reactions ..your average makeup bleech blond barbie type , and your braindead jock type "popular kids" probly wont be into you..the shallow get weeded out from the deeper open minded folks when you will lose the ability to attract superficial people who base attraction solely on clean cut looks and earning potentials, but at the same time greatly increasing your attractability to more open minded folks"I feel a little self conscious when meeting people because i dont want them to judge me and i want everyone to like me. (i really HATE when people say dreadlocks are dirty. before they say something offensive and judge people they should do some research so that they dont sound so ignorant and hateful). even though this discrimination is frustrating i know that having dreads will be a life changing expirence and im happy i made the decision to make them
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