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10/03/09 10:41:04PM
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dreads and jobs

dreads jobs employment issues

This is my story...I am a FT healthcare professional & have been for 22 years (loctitian is only my side job ;-} )10 years ago, while working for a large hospital, I was told that dreadlocs were not an acceptablehairstyle and to get rid of them & my nose ring.Well, that never happened...LOL... but there were constant comments and memos from management stating that I was out of compliance. They wouldn't fire me just tried to make my quit.Anyway, I stuck it out and fought it until 2 years ago when I had to change jobs due to department closure, economy..etc and now I work for a private diagnostic lab.I walked into my interview not hiding my dreadlocs or nose ring...During the interview I said (to my now boss), "If there is a problem with my locs or nose ring, please tell me now, because they don't come out."His response " What does your hair & nose have to do with your ability to do your job?"(OMG...WOW..not the response I was expecting)Most of my patients love my locs, especially when I dress them up with jewels or colored yarn to match my scrubs.My only problem is finding a way to keep my locs up and out of they way without getting a headache, hair bands and tams are not an option on the job. ( I hate hair pins.)Any suggestions?????
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