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11/14/13 12:14:12AM
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Ladies with bangs :)

Dreadlock Styles and Dread Styling

What I did was leave all the hair from in front of my ears undreaded for my fringe.
07/03/12 09:58:50PM
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Help! Save My Dreads

I just started dreading and I've only had mine for a couple weeks. I got an infection in my ears called cellulitis and it made my ears swell up and bleed and puss and just look all around gnarly.

My issue is this, some of the blood/puss and suck to the dreads directly by my ears and its father in so I can't just pick it out. What should I do? I don't want to get rid of my dreads but I don't want to walk around with bloody puss in my hair either.

If I did a baking soda soak or something do you think that would eat the blood and puss away? Have any ideas of what would?

Please help:(

updated by @swayzee: 01/13/15 09:30:09PM
06/25/12 11:23:49PM
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Can You Color/Dye Dreads?

General Questions

Hey, I'm new to dreading and have no idea what i'm doing. I have naturally dark hair and I don't like my hair being so dark. I have had my hair colored red for a 6+ years now. I have been dying to dread my hair for as long as I can remember and I'm finally taking the leap. My question is if I have my hair will I be able to color it? I've decided I'm going to go with the twist and rip method (if that matters) and I don't see how I would be able to get the dye out once i color it. Though, I do see people all the time with colored dreads, I just don't understand how. I saw once that there was a tea you could make with hibiscus tea and henna paprika and it made the hair red, but I can't find the instructions for that anymore. I was wondering if there were any color products specifically for coloring dreaded hair or if I am just going to have to color my hair back to my natural color and leave it alone.


updated by @swayzee: 01/13/15 09:29:41PM
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