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Elizabeth Annd Moore
05/09/12 07:16:32PM
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dreadlocks started since dreadlocks site started

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How hard was it?? You think you can give me some tips? Did anybody help you?

Madeline Floor said:

how long was yor hair before you started your dreads?

Eva Lovelocks said:

i started a few dreads before finding this site. i used to twist n rip method to make them without knowing what method it was exactly, i also interloked those few and still suffer the consequences from it! i was about ready to buy a dreadhead wax kit... so thank god i found it here! i finished twist n ripping them all umm i dunno, in mid june, i think. :) i'm approached a lot about my dreadlocks, and i refer every sinlge person HERE. i love this site.

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