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Tania Intactilactivist Willett
05/17/12 12:45:09AM
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A Successful Recovery!

Saved Dreads Success Stories

Wow, Thanks so much for posting this. His locks (before) looks a lot like mine, I am 1 month into crochet recovery, and these pictures have given me hope ! If you could please take 2 mins to look at my pics and give me some tips too, It would be greatly appreciated. Help me save my locks too :)

Tania Intactilactivist Willett
04/27/12 08:38:53AM
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Dread Empire

Dread Products

Dread Empire Shampoo, Yes or No ?

Cant afford the postage for to Australia :(

updated by @tania-intactilactivist-willett: 01/13/15 09:24:39PM
Tania Intactilactivist Willett
04/23/12 06:54:59AM
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Crochet Recovery

Dread Maintenance


So i went and got crocheted before doing my research :( Only since finding these pages have i become aware of the mistake i've made. I thought i was doing the right thing by using no chemicals or wax. Anyway, My question now is what can i do to recover, or just do nothing ? Let them be and see what happens ? They are only a week old (see my pics) and have been washed once with Tea Tree shampoo, Is there a better shampoo that will help them lock up ? At the moment they are really soft and fluffy, frizzy with loose ends. Thanks in advance :)

updated by @tania-intactilactivist-willett: 01/13/15 09:24:19PM
Tania Intactilactivist Willett
04/19/12 04:03:16AM
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Newbie Aussie Chick

Introduce Yourself

Hello fellow dreaders,

I'm Tania, a 28 yo mum of 4 from Queensland Australia. So i got my dreads in on Sunday, Its now Thursday, I love them, but i didn't realise there was so much conflicting advice. Mine were made using the crochet method and a tiny bit of backcombing (i didn't lose much, if any, length) I have just been out and brought some tea tree shampoo, some salt and a spray bottle, now what ? When to wash for the first time ? I also went in the surf yesterday and now they are super fuzzy. Is there a place on here where we can keep a photo album and update progress ? Thanks in advance for your info and tips and i look forward to growing my locks with you :)

updated by @tania-intactilactivist-willett: 01/13/15 09:24:00PM
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