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Julie Monrad
12/23/11 05:49:33PM
1 posts

Please help me to begin my jurney :D

Dreading Methods

Hii all :) AndMerryChristmas!

Im'a warn you , im really bad at english ! Sorryy ^^

I'm about to begin my jurney with dreads, but i need advice and help to learn the best method to do dreads in thin and flat skandinavian hair ! Does anybody know a really good way to do them in such hair type ? I could also use some advise how to make themhealthyand clean :) Oh , and last , a good advice how to do the end of a dread, so its not thin in the ending :)

Hoping for answers and thanks :D

updated by @julie-monrad: 02/14/15 09:02:16AM
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