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Jacob Delaney
12/09/11 08:10:34PM
2 posts

Advice convincing mom to let me get dreads?

Dreads in the Family

yea bro i'm 15 i live with my dad in oregon my mom (lives in florida) flips if i even mention dreads, ( as of now i am dread less :( )

Jacob Delaney
12/09/11 07:53:36PM
2 posts

dread capable????

Dreading Methods

hey everybody!, I was wondering what you guys thought about ginger dreads lol, i'm 15 and live in a super "hippy" town, My hair is to the middle of my back with 1 layer just past my shoulders ( im a guy lol) and every morning after my shower i have to comb out "snarles" any suggestions for how toobtaindreads?

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