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09/18/16 05:07:51AM
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Dry Scalp, Tender Scalp, Sores on Scalp

Help! Save My Dreads

I have been using the twisting/sectioning method for about 12 months. I haven't really twisted my hair for the last 4 months... But just recently I have noticed a couple of sores starting to form on the center of the top of my head. I did at the beginning of my journey use a product by Lockology called their locking butter... I tried to do the best research I could and I was under the assumption that this product was one of the more natural products one could buy. I stumbled across this website 'dreadlockssite' at one in the morning... Needless to say, a few articles and a few hours later I started getting a little nervous when I read that twisting and pulling along with use of products can ultimately ruin your scalp and dreads... Just looking for some friendly advice so I might be able to go to sleep without thinking I need to shave my head... At this point my dreads seem to be quite locked up and I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do. 

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