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08/20/16 01:33:46PM
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Hello new to dreading, starting freeform dreads

Dread Maintenance

Hello I am starting freeform dreads using this tutorial

So far I have gotten these products and Murrays Loc-Lock gel as shown in the video.

My questions are:

1: Is this a good tutorial to follow for freeforming dreads?

2: What other hair products should I be buying other than Murrays Loc-Lock Gel?

3: When starting freeform dreads how am I suppose to sleep on them without them getting smashed and messing them up?

4: Should I buy a dread cap like this to sleep in

5: When kind of washing, conditioning routine should I be using on my freeform dreads and what products.

Thanks in advance for anyone able to help or comment on my questions.

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