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07/21/16 09:39:36AM
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yeah um im new to this dread style i started about a month ago and i need help

Help! Save My Dreads

um im mixed and my hair texture is soft i guess but i have "starter locs" and im looking for a neat dread look, i dont have many dreads, just sectioned evenly across my head but what i was wondering was that my dreads are really messy, and theres a lot of new growth and one of my dreads feel like there is two in one like its splitting or its trying to combine into one idk and i dont want that, i want mine sectioned out as planned, how do i achieve this clean look? i know dreads arent supposed to look clean but the style im going for or/want will work with that, i have thick starter locs

pls help i just wanna know how to maintain and keep a clean look with this style thx and btw i retwisted it 2 times so far but i think im gonna retwist  soon because i have so much hair coming out 

updated by @grizzlyman: 07/21/16 09:51:15AM
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