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02/02/15 05:53:07PM
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Help! Halfling dreads and a photoshoot in 10 days!

Dread Maintenance

ok so I've had my dreads for 4 and a half months now. I decided to let them form naturally so they're kinda lumpy. I palm roll them every week or so though so that sorts most of that out. Some of the dreads underneath aren't very 'dread-like' though, they're still kinda just hair with some knots in, and I have quite a bit of loose hair around my locks.

I know it's a lengthy process, and I've quite enjoyed watching them knot over the last few months, but I've been shortlisted by a modelling agency, and I have an appointment with them in ten days, and I expect they'll want to see full dreads. Is there any way I can improve them quickly? Even if it's just a temporary solution for the shoot!





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