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11/28/15 02:29:27AM
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Cutting Hair?

Dread Maintenance

Cutting hair is definantly not an easy task for alot of us. This is something i have spent much time pondering myself. When I first began my journey most of my hair had been touched or damaged from bleach and hair dye. I knew i really should have cut it in the earliest stages but my loathing for hair cuts prolonged this. I have now cut over half of the hair I had, not all at ounce but different sessions. I got the courage to do this in knowing that i would like to let them be and grow as long and free as they desire. If this is the begging of a life long journey i would like to begin with and carry nothing but healthy "virgin" hair. What i can offer if you do choose to cut, do one big cut when there young to keep them even and avoid too many worries about the weight or previously damaged hair later on. ~Dont worry, be happy!

10/23/15 01:25:47AM
2 posts

I don't know nothing about dreads..........

General Questions

Throw away the brush+don't use conditoner+wash your hair 1s to 2s a week+love+time and patiance=Healthy beautiful dreads :) Good luck.

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