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09/09/14 11:56:19PM
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My hair deserves an award (because I have commitment issues)

Member Journals and Timelines

Such a wonderful timeline that can be applied to anything in life. Your dreads are beautiful! Having a baby can take a toll on every relationship you have in life, friends, family and especially a romantic relationship! I dont think I could could express any better then you have! Peace and love to your beautiful dreads and beautiful baby girl!
09/09/14 07:44:02AM
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new dreads and shampoo

General Questions

Finally finished my dreads after 3 days they are beautiful! Im wondering on a good shampoo that I can get at a store. I am too forgetful to remember to order online when im low. I tried Dr. Bronner before I dreaded and I diluted it 15 to 1 and it was greasy. Right now im using just a basic nothing fancy baby soap. Since the ph is low, shouldnt attract much. I really dont want to realize a year later I have build up in them or worse. Ive read PEG of any sort is bad in the ingredients?
updated by @dreadiec: 01/13/15 10:05:29PM
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