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taylor danielle
06/25/14 08:47:06PM
2 posts

Is it ok to dye your dreads?

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Is it ok to dye your dreads, and if so how would you dye them?
updated by @taylor-danielle: 01/13/15 10:04:26PM
taylor danielle
06/20/14 09:19:17PM
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what do you wash your dreads with?

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Hi, I'm leting my hair dread on its own and I have been using lye soap to clean it once a week. My problem is that sometimes after I wash my hair it feels like I didn't get all the soap out, and other times my hair is supper dryed out! I'm a hair freak! Always have been. I like to know everything about hair, and I do know alot but not about dreads. Its all new to me and so is natural shampoo. I have done alot of research but its ether confusing or I can't find alot of info. So I was thinking I would just post here and more experienced people could tell me what natural ways you guys wash your hair! So pls share with me how you wash your dreads! Thank-you.
updated by @taylor-danielle: 01/13/15 10:04:24PM
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