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Jenifer J
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07/14/14 02:17:34PM
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Please help... massive matting on the back of my head

General Questions

Hi guys, thanks for reading/listening/watching. I'm not sure what to do about my hair! I have twist and rip dreads that are around 9 or 10 weeks old. I have separated my hair after washing every time. The last time was Friday... it's been getting more and more of a pain to separate each time, but it's always been doable. I was already worried about it, but then... I went kayaking on Saturday (in the water getting wet while wearing a helmet). Well, afterwards, it is now a huge mat and I'm not sure what the best way to proceed is.. it doesn't mat like that after a regular wash.

It feels pretty terrible and I'm nervous about ripping these apart now... will it severely damage my hair? do i need to consider taking them out and starting over? Is this normal? Please help! Thank you guys so much for your input. I have no friends with dreads so I'm turning to you guys...

I made a short video that I hope shows what's going on back there. My friend got a little distracted in the middle... sorry about that...

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Jenifer J
@Jenifer J
08/16/14 05:17:58PM
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Jen's Twist and Rip Timeline - RIP dreads... at 12 weeks.

Member Journals and Timelines

i think if i have bigger ones it might make things easier... like 40-50, not 20.

wrapping them could be a good idea. I was also thinking that some kind of scarf wrap on my head might help reduce the rubbing from the strap on the back.

the congo i'm taking out now is at least as big as my wrist (and it was even worse).. there's i don't even know how many tangled up in there! it's so uncomfortable and itchy.

i have a feeling as soon as i get this all brushed out i'm going to want to start again..

Jenifer J
@Jenifer J
07/02/14 04:06:44PM
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Jen's Twist and Rip Timeline - RIP dreads... at 12 weeks.

Member Journals and Timelines

So I'm finally starting a timeline... sorry the pictures aren't so great. just kind of random shots i've taken since i've started. I'm planning to try and take better ones to watch my progress. I originally posted stuff here:

I started them on April 30th, then took out a bunch and finally finished redoing them on May 10th, so my timeline is going to start there.

Initial twist and rips:

and close up you can tell that they are huge, i only had 22.

and here they are shortly after finishing, now up to 82 or something.

after 5 days i'm noticing loops:

Three weeks, still falling out...

4ish weeks - didn't take any great photos, just have one taken out of frustration while separating them... they are really starting to party in the back...

6ish weeks taken while on a river trip. not a great photo of the hair itself, but you can tell just how much loose hair there is and it's kind of a frizzy mess. it's a real party in the back though. Separating after this trip was a PITA. and on the sides of my head several of the babies are just totally straight brushable hair, but staying separated for the most part.

almost 7 weeks:

pretty much every baby in the back is loopy as hell, the sides are still not doing so great. i'll try to get some better photos of that for 8 weeks!

also, when i separate the back, there is a lot of crossover and ripping going on... i get the gist that this is perfectly normal and everything, but is this going to be a problem a year or two down the road? any advices appreciated.


UPDATE 7/27/14 - 11 weeks - clearly I am a slacker when it comes to photographing my hair. You might have seen my freak out post here about the latest status of my dreads...

8 weeks - separating frustration... before the massive matting..

10 weeks (after massive matting)

11 weeks. the front just looks like messy bed head.

and 11 weeks in the back. still haven't separated after washing yesterday. and the separation i've been doing has avoided any ripping - don't want to rip more hair if i'm going to start over.

so far, I haven't done anything with the matting- massive ripping or taking them out, i haven't been able to decide. as much as I hate them sometimes, I seem to be quite attached to my babies.

The mat is pretty much all over the back of my head and it's really hard to show it in pictures. I can pinch a section and the mat will be an inch or two away from the scalp. i just can't imagine ripping through that and there are way way way too many congos to deal with.

would you take them out if this was your hair? if i do take them out, i will be starting over and trying again :)


Update 8/15/14

So I combed them all out starting 8/2, 12 weeks after they were done but 14 weeks after starting. The last few weeks i kinda knew i was going to take them out because of how badly they were congoed, so I stopped ripping them apart and separating to prevent damage to my hair. yeah, well in those couple of weeks, the congos just went totally crazy! The dreads on the very back of my head were SO SHORT! Like just a few inches long. And the mat became very thick. And the back of my head, and the right side, were on there way to being one massive dread, just so so bad.

I've spent so. much. time. brushing them and I'm still not all the way done... but getting there. It's just the back that is being very stubborn. And I already really miss my dreads!

What I've learned:

- Always, always, ALWAYS separate. For me, I needed to do that every single day, but was only doing it once after washing every 3 or 4 days, and not always right away.

- I had too many dreads and bad separation. I started with 22 not-the-best-shape-separation dreads and split up each one at a time into multiple dreads, ending with over 80. And with so many loose falling out dreads, it was time consuming to separate, so I didn't do it as well or as often as I should have.

- Totally neglecting them (meaning no separating) at the end, made the congos worse than ever.. I had. so. many. gigantic. congos.

- I'm still not sure I can have dreads with my whitewater kayaking addiction. Wet hair rubbing against a helmet seems to lead to a gigantic mat back there. I don't know what to do about this and I'm nervous to try again because of it.

I took a few photos of the shortness in the middle (with drastic length difference after brushing out the sides). It was tough to get photos of that mat. I might post some of those later.

So thanks everyone for joining me on my short journey, helping me along and giving me advice. I might try again one day.

Peace and thanks for reading,


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Jenifer J
@Jenifer J
06/20/14 03:56:51PM
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Dazed and Confused Blues

Dready love

hugs to you <3

i'm not sure that my advice is worth more than $0.02, but here it is.

relationships are hard. once you're with someone long enough, some bullshit is bound to come up. i think a big foundation of actively loving someone is trying to understand. putting your bullshit aside long enough to sit and listen and understand. sounds like you're trying to grow but he's not moving like you are.

accept him for who he is (not saying that you don't) and realize you have a choice. and to do what's best for you. it may take time for you to make any sorts of decisions, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. but getting a new hobby or filling your time with things that fill you up, is a good thing to do when you're going through some turbulence.

blaming never helps. never. try to see the situation as it is without judgment or blame. is it what you want? does it make you happy?

also, you are so young! i got married at 25 and looking back, it was way too soon for me. but you learn and grow and change. and just because it was too young for me, doesn't mean that it is for you.

do you like to write? i find journaling can be an awesome way to gain clarity. checking in and grounding yourself, then asking yourself important questions. i find a lot of answers that way... and i've found some of the best advice i've gotten has come through writing for myself... usually better than what strangers on the internet can provide ;-)

Jenifer J
@Jenifer J
06/08/14 10:50:30PM
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What is going on

Help! Save My Dreads

i did T&R and a bunch came loose too. but a bunch are looping up and doing their thing. i totally know how hard it is to leave alone a totally loose unknotted section of hair, but hey, ya gotta leave em... and most likely they would just fall out again if you redo it. washing will help them knot, even though at first it seems like that is making them loose.

Jenifer J
@Jenifer J
06/08/14 10:36:22PM
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I regret moving (I just need to vent).

General Talk

I say follow your heart! wherever that may take you.

I think it's important to live somewhere you love. I'm from Indiana and lived in Ohio for a few months.. then CT, then NH, now WA. The midwest definitely has some wonderful people and you posted some beautiful pictures from OH.... I love WA because the rivers are my passion, and I can't imagine living anywhere that doesn't have mountains and whitewater rivers. My soul would cry if I couldn't experience nature (especially in my favorite way). so even though my family is in IN, I could just never go back and live there. I miss them for sure and it's awesome to visit. I think you'll end up making friends wherever you go (and maybe new ones in FL if you stay?). And over time good friends become like family.

Jenifer J
@Jenifer J
06/03/14 07:27:40PM
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bad sectioning

General Questions

I'm finding this video to be a big help with separating since it wasn't clear to me what that really meant... there is also a second video.

Jenifer J
@Jenifer J
06/03/14 01:11:26PM
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Wanna double check before my first wash

Dreading Methods

i think the general rule is to stay under 1 inch by 1 inch. i undid a bunch of mine and redid them smaller (from 22 to 80)... but i am new at this, i'm only a month in :)

i guess they can grow to be as large as the section size... so some of those big ones could be problematic if you plan to keep your dreads for a long time..