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05/05/14 04:12:48AM
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Show Us Your Recovery Pictures

crochet and dread tools recovery

Dmitry, thank you so much for these before and after photos. I found this site two days after I'd had mine made the crotchet way. I'm seven weeks into my crotchet recovery now and what I love most is finding before and after photos of people who went neglect after having started the crotchet way. Because it gives me hope! So thank you! What a big difference between your Day 1 photo and your Day 374 photo. Was so happy to catch this post yesterday in the feed. GREAT!!!

04/06/14 02:15:42PM
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the spirituality of dreading (regardless of religion or lack of)

History and Religious Significance

My favourite bits are:

There's also a dedication to self, to be true to te self

and I can't find it now, I think it was in one of your comments, but something about how

ultimately the dreads are within.

I would be totally gutted if I had to shave my head or cut my dreads and I wish I'd had the confidence to dread when I first wanted to ten years ago. But if my head was shaved that for me would be the real test of my spirituality - could I still love and feel full, or is my connection to Love and fullness dependent on my hair. The real dreads are within and that can never be taken away. I know this intellectually but in actuality I'd be miserable and so I've got a long way to go. I'm not going to get rid of my dreads, never! But the real dreads are within.