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Rheana Hayes
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04/10/14 07:47:02AM
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Healing Crystal Dread Beads!

Dread Accessories

Awesome! I will check out your etsy site, dear. I am gonna wait a bit (maybe a couple paychecks) before I order anything, but yeah, I'm looking for a neat wrap completely metal/wire free, including crystals of my choice. I have had one girl on etsy make me a wrap similar to a crocheted ring with smaller crystals tied into it. She makes the rings and I just asked her to extend it the length of a finger and about the width of a pencil. My hair isn't dreading yet ( -.-;; patience, young padoine), but I imagine when the pieces do separate they will be pretty small. I will definitely be hitting your shop up with a custom order as soon as I have a little extra funny money.

Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/21/14 07:25:28PM
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Healing Crystal Dread Beads!

Dread Accessories

I've scoured Ebay and Etsy and found that there are very few options for wraps and beads that include healing crystals!

As an energy healer at the beginning of natural hair, I've decided not to use metals in my hair as they can absorb and hold onto negative energies. Healing crystals can transmute that energy. Cleansing crystals of negative energy is far easier than cleansing metals. As a healer I expected to easily rid my house of negativity that was attached to an antique iron table set I acquired. Something not good had come in with those tables, and it was causing me to be very scared for no apparent reason every time I walked down my hallway toward them and especially at night. I went into healing mode quickly and confidently, gathered my resources and got to work. I quickly found that the blessings, chants, prayers, sage, pranic cleansing, and other methods I used to shield and clean up the space had not diffused the negative vibes that filled the living room, rather they exacerbated the problem. The metal itself HAD to be physically scrubbed with salt water and sprayed with lavender/alchohol spray (an energy cleanser I picked up from Pranic Healing classes) for three days on top of the other cleansing and energy work I had done. When the energy is absorbed by the metal, it becomes stuck and even amplifies. The spiritual methods may have been more effective had I treated the metal with salt baths and lavender spray beforehand. Point being, energy goes into metal and it stays until you put concentrated effort into diffusing it. I don't want my own crappy ego issues and the depressions that come with spiritual growth to get stuck in my hair. I wanna purge my body of it and keep it out of my aura. It's true that crystals hold energy, however when crystals absorb more negative energy than they can handle they will break naturally and are very easily cleansed and charged through simple mindful intention.

Without the metal element, I have only found maybe two shops that sell healing crystal beads, either handmade, or sewn onto peyote sleeves. Does anyone know where I can get some beads or wraps made with healing crystals?

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Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/22/14 09:24:59AM
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David Icke Debunking Himalayan Salt?

Dread Products

Vicki is obviously the straight bomb. It's her products that led me to this infinitely awesome place.

Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/22/14 01:43:34AM
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David Icke Debunking Himalayan Salt?

Dread Products

I'm actually very interested in the product and have heard they have the best stuff, but yeah, probably going to stick to the sea salt.

Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/21/14 01:05:50PM
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David Icke Debunking Himalayan Salt?

Dread Products

Hi guys! I'm new to the site, on day two of my first ever dreads, going all natural, and soaking up information like a hyperactive sponge. I have been doing a lot of research on products and found a page from David Icke debunking Himalayan sea salt. Here is the link and the article:

A lot of people think David Icke is nuts, but a lot of people think the way we live here is sane. What is your opinion on this? If you have used the Himalayan product, what can you tell me about your experience? Have you used simple sea salt with lemon or other oils, and what were your results?

Beware your Himalayan Pink Salt probably came from a mine in Pakistan and contains large ammounts of Flouride and Bromide. In the table at the bottom you can clearly see that it contains over 4 Grams of Bromide per Kilogram

My advice is to get your own analysis done on your pink salt before you take any more.

FROM PFPC, the premiere fluoride information site.

Over the last few years a new scam has emerged in Europe which is rapidly spreading across the world.

It involves ordinary rock salt from the salt range in Pakistan being marketed as luxurious and healing Himalaya Salt.

It is also sold as Himalayan Crystal Salt, Hunza-Kristallsalz or natural Kristallsalz, VitaSal, AromaLife, etc..

The scam is currently being introduced in India and the United States.

It will result in very high overall fluoride intake in anyone who follows the various therapy recommendations.

What happened?

During the late 1990s recordings started to appear in Germany, featuring a monologue by a self-proclaimed biophysicist named Peter Ferreira.

The monologue centered around the marvelous healing energies of Himalaya Salt (Himalaya Salz) and living waters (Lebendiges Wasser) -> mineral or springwaters (Quellwasser).

This special salt was allegedly coming from the high mountain regions of the Himalayas, untouched by human contamination, containing 84 elements essential to human health. The tape was copied and passed on by thousands.

The salt was sold at a price much higher than ordinary salt, up to 200 times as much. It was common to see it being sold for 24 Euros per kilogram.

Lectures were organized and a video called Water & Salt (Wasser & Salz) was shown to packed houses (Zeit & Geist, 2002). A book with the title Water & Salt - Essence of Life by Peter Ferreira and Dr. med. Barbara Hendel became a runaway bestseller in 2002 - simply by word of mouth, even spawning a glossy magazine with the same title. [The book is currently being translated into English and slated for release in the US.]

Within months Himalaya Salt became all the rage in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, quickly spreading to Denmark, Holland and other European countries.

The European alternative health industry was quick to jump on the bandwagon and an article on Himalaya Salt praising its superior qualities to conventional salt became the most-read article on the German site of Alternative Health (Alternative Gesundheit).

Himalaya Salt sales are consistently in the Top 10 of alternative health products.

Originally marketed on the Internet, there are now countless varieties of products containing Himalaya Salt available, including herbal salts, bath salts, facial masks, cosmetic lines, as well as salt lamps and tealights.

Many international websites can now be found praising and selling this Elixir of Live, Fountain of Youth, or salt of life.

The salt comes as fine salt to be used for cooking, or as salt crystals or blocks of salt, to be used for daily sole drinks and baths, oral rinses, eye baths, and inhalation therapy.

In addition, the salt is marketed extensively for other uses, and there are now tealights or salt lamps (used as natural ionizers), a complete cosmetic line including soaps, facial sprays, body lotions, peeling lotions, hand creams, steam bath aids, sauna aids, bath salts with rose petals, and shower gels.

Fluoride & Iodine

Ironically, Water & Salt proclaimed that iodine and fluoride are highly toxic and should never be added to cooking salt (August 4, 2002). This statement immediately seemed odd to a sceptic, as both toxins, fluoride and iodine, were also listed among the salts 84 natural elements essential for the body. LINK

The fluoride/iodine issue nevertheless became a cornerstone in the promotional campaign. Valuable books on the un-wanted effects of fluoride (Ziegelbecker) and iodine supplementation (Braunschweig-Pauli) were found in the on-line bookstore of Wasser & Salz.

However, W&S failed to inform the public that this very same Himalaya Salt may easily possess more fluoride than conventional, artificially fluoridated salt.

Numerous analyses which had been posted on the web by AromaLife AG itself (Switzerlands biggest distributor of Himalaya Salt) - to show that it complied with CODEX regulations - showed this clearly. (TABLE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE).

Fluoride in Mineral Water

In addition, the Water & Salt people also started to recommend mineral waters which qualified as living waters, and handed out Seals of Quality.

One such water, Artesia received this recommendation, although containing 1.02 ppm of fluoride - a fact which is aggressively marketed by the company which firmly believes in the proclaimed fluoride benefits.

Origin of Himalaya Salt

It is claimed that the magic salt is coming from the Karakorum (Ferreira, 2002). However, as pointed out by the group TourismWatch (No.28 and No.30) there is no salt mine to be found anywhere in this Himalayan region. Most of the salt was coming from the second largest salt mine in the world, in Pakistan.

After the boom began, it was found that even ordinary road salt was being sold as Himalaya Salt by ruthless opportunists.

Public Health Response

The responses by the Public Health Departments in Switzerland and Germany have been on the verge of the comical.

The Swiss Fluor-und Jodkommission warned the public against the scam and issued statements of concern about the influx of imported specialty salts such as Himalaya Salt.

In 2001, the SEV warned that under no circumstances could this salt without fluoride and iodine ever substitute for the Swiss salt.

At no point did it apparently occur to the health agencies to conduct their own analyses on the product!



Not only is Himalaya Salt marketed as the best alternative to conventional cooking salt - and to be used in all cooking and baking as well as table use - it is also to be sprinkled onto already prepared foods.

New varieties of herbal salts are also now available.

Every morning a teaspoon - sometimes more - of a 26% sole solution is added to a glass of mineral water and routinely drunk by millions.

Topical Applications

Salt - Baths

As one of the best applications people are advised to bath with this salt once a week, or with moon baths during new and full moons. 1 to 1.5 kg is added to 80 - 100 liters of water. Temperature is to be between 35 and 37 degrees celsius for a length of a minumum of 15 to 20 minutes (up to 2 - 3 hours!). At 1 kg in 100 liters, and at a fluoride content of 300 ppm, this is the same as bathing in water fluoridated at 3 ppm.

Not much different than the fluoridated baths which were used with great success by Gorlitzer von Mundy in the treatment of iodine-induced hyperthyroidism (Jod Basedow) for over 30 years!

In addition, people are advised to bath their feet in a 10% salt/water solution, which results bathing the feet in water with a fluoride content of 30 ppm.

Personal Care Products

Daily topical fluoride intake is assured by use of the cosmetic line which includes soaps, facial sprays, body lotions, hand creams, shampoos, steam bath aids, sauna aids, bath salts with rose petals, and shower gels. Complete cosmetic lines are now offered by Aromalife, as well as Wasser und Salz.


People with asthma and like-conditions are advised by health trainers to add a little Himalaya Salt (10%!) to hot water and to inhale this concoction for 10 to 15 minutes with a covered head, three times a day.

Oral Health

People are advised to use this salt for toothbrushing.

One will get white teeth and the dental enamel gets dissolved, it is claimed...!

Of course it is also advised to rinse the mouth with the same sole which is drunk in the morning.

One is reminded of the incredible feat by Mr. Dead Doctors Dont Lie Dr. Wallach and associated independent distributors who have managed to con people into believing that the All Natural Tooth Gel is a safe natural alternative to fluoride toothpaste, although the actual label on the toothpaste specifies sodium fluoride as ingredient!

Rainer Neuhaus
PFPC Germany

The table below is from a German site but you can clearly see the ammount of Flouride and Bromine. It also contains Cadmium, Lead,

in mg or g per Kg:

Natrium 460.10 g

Chlorid 520.50 g

Kalium 1510.00 mg

Calcium 1750.00 mg

Magnesium 18200.00 mg

Ammonium 430.00 mg

Eisen 65.39 mg

Mangan 102.04 mg

Strontium 17.10 mg

Barium 1.79 mg

Arsen 0.41 mg

Blei (lead) 1.09 mg

Cadmium 0.03 mg

Chrom 0.91 mg

Selen 2.17 mg

Zink 14.18 mg

Kupfer 5.18 mg

Fluoride 231.00 mg

Bromid 4010.00 mg

Jodid 0.80 mg

Sulfat 610.00 mg

Sulfide 9.10 mg

Hydrogenphosphat 8.90 mg

Hydrogencarbonat 15100.00 mg

Kieselsure 140.00 mg

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Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/22/14 03:12:17PM
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The Knife and the Brush.

Life Issues Facing Dreads

I like how you say I have to warn you... you're being healed. Healing can be as rough as being tumbled in a washer and dryer... but you come out on the other side clean.

soaring eagle said:

well i am so glad u feel confortable enough here to share such a story


i got to warn you...your being healed

cutting is a way to hack out emotions u shoved deep down rather thenm let out

what did you do when you looked in that mirror?

you cried

the 1 thing that could have kept u from chopping at your limbs...

a tear

a simple lil painless (well mostly painless) tear

u let those emotions out ..let yourself mad or sad ..just whatever u feel let it out but not in an overwhelming way let it be a pressure release not explosion

alotta parents will punish you for crying the more u want to cry the more they want to punish u for crying wich makes u feel sadder and sadder

but eventualy u dont want to be puicshed u dont want to feel and sadder so u stop crying ..but

then the sadness stays in you u try to be "perfect" so u wont be yelled at and made to feel sadder but theres already so much in you a single wordsall it takes to make that pressure build up so much theres only 1 release..blood soince a single tear would make it worse (or so you were tought throug punishment for tears)

its time to start accepting yourself

to stop caring what others think or say

and to let out a tear now and then and let things be..not perfect..but at least ok

Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/22/14 03:09:51PM
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The Knife and the Brush.

Life Issues Facing Dreads

Thank you for sharing this. It's very personal and very real. I have bipolar disorder and must manage it with medication and counseling, and yeah, I got some old old issues with self worth, masochism, codependence, attracting sociopaths, and generally just beating the ever living fuck out of my own psyche and body. I hope you stay in therapy simply because I think it's a very quick path to more personal and spiritual growth, and it's changed my life dramatically even after only a year. We are never done working on ourselves, as our dreads are never done evolving neither are we. Check out bipolar disorder as well because I saw you say that every few weeks you make rash decisions and do big things, like flights of fancy. Most people with bipolar are misdiagnosed for an average of ten years because their doctors see their depressions, but they don't see the mania because the patient enjoys it and doesn't see anything wrong with it, doesn't grasp the destructive tendancies and emotional effects of that manic energy. I hope to hear more about your path, lovely lady. Take care of your temple, Try to transmute that hurt into healing energy for your body and soul rather than taking it out on your body and soul. So much love and light to you. Keep writing.

Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/22/14 03:01:37PM
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My hair deserves an award (because I have commitment issues)

Member Journals and Timelines

Absolutely love this blog! You're a good writer for real. Very interesting take on the process and sort of prepares the reader to expect their own emotional journey through this process. I think you are just plain beautiful, even in the top before picture with your hair just straight on clown nuts. The lessons you shared today are very valuable and it excited me, not about having dreads, but about what it will be like to deal with the wait and uncertainty of the process. It seems to me everyone has an ego battle and breakdown and sort of rebirth with the natural evolution of dreads. Rock the fuck on. I'm gonna write down your lessons and reference them any time I'm feeling negative about the way I look! Thank you!

Rheana Hayes
@Rheana Hayes
03/24/14 09:35:04AM
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Naturally occurring dreadlocks a concept difficult to grasp

General Talk

Love this, Janice. I always find myself reminding myself that "It is no reflection on anyone else; it is simply where they are at."

Janice said:

Interesting. Thanks for the insights. People are either open minded and ready to accept things at the current point in their journey, or they are not yet ready to do so. It is no reflection on anyone else; it is simply where they are at. I don't believe it is my job to educate others, simply to live my life with love. I will do my best when people confront me with their own ignorance to simply respond in love. Even when I want to hit them over the head with a blunt object.