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03/08/14 11:21:20AM
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How do you deal with peer pressure?

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Ok kids, I've been dreading my hair for a few months now. I basically just decided to do it, twisted and ripped in some sections, stopped brushing and started doing a baking soda wash. A-Ok, right?

BUT my dreads sometimes look all funky- they're flat on the top and I have so much hair that part of my head just looks messy and other parts look like baby dreads. It seems like other people (Who have/have had) dreads in the past want to help me FIX them. Really, people can't keep their hands off them, which is fine with me but I'm a little worried that they will mess them up. How do I tell people (who have really lovely looking dreads themselves) that I KNOW crocheting/ back combing/ constant maintenance works for them- but it's not for me?

It's hard because my family (people without dreads) already give me a hard time for the 'messy' look and it's tempting to let someone 'clean them up a bit'. So that maybe my family won't be so stressed out.

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