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Opal Raye
08/28/13 08:19:37PM
3 posts

veggie vegan omni ital? whats your diet and hows it relate to your dreadiness (if at all)

Dreads and Diets

I'm a vegan. I stopped eating meat over a year and a half ago and I finally managed to cut out dairy and eggs now too. I didn't really find it that difficult though because once I have my mind made up I stick to it.
My friend tried but couldn't quite stay vegan. She gives into temptation a lot more easily while I'm able to sit there eating grapes while the rest of my friends eat pizza.
I think going vegan opened my eyes to how much better I can feel without dairy though. I've found so many alternatives. Just today I had chili hot chocolate made with soy milk and coconut whipped cream.
There are so many alternatives and I feel really lucky to have found them all.

Opal Raye
08/18/13 09:18:24PM
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Help with getting dreadlocks for my hair type?

Dreading Methods

I have been using whatever I find to wash my hair lately. I had been using purple shampoo also just to bring out the blonde tones in my hair in the summer.
I actually made a salt spray at home with water, pink salt and lemon juice and put it in my hair while damp and I found that to help.
I think I will try the baking soda method next time I go to wash my hair simply because I have baking soda at home so I don't need to buy anything.
Thanks for the help!
soaring eagle said:

what are u washing with now

id switch to or the baking soda method the bs might be better early on the pink sea salt from that site will help tho for sure

how are u washig and =drying (with what and technique)

Opal Raye
08/18/13 04:37:53PM
3 posts

Help with getting dreadlocks for my hair type?

Dreading Methods

So basically I have thin, fine straight hair. I was never able to curl my hair before because it was so thin and just went back to being straight. I looked after my hair pretty well though and never used any harmful dyes. 3 months ago I decided I'd stop brushing my hair. Along with this I decided I'd get dreads. They were the perfect idea of a hairstyle I'd want, low maintenance and just simply beautiful. Since then I've made a few twist and rip dreads but what I really want are natural freeform dreads. I have two tiny ones but I had to kind of help them to stay as dreads. I love the look of them though. They are so soft and free. The only thing is that the rest of my hair is staying completely straight and free from knots.
Is there anything I could do to help my hair begin to knot up?
Ways of washing my hair or natural products I could use?
My hair looks like typical Scandinavian straight blonde hair (even though I'm actually half Irish)
The grow out from my twist and rip ones is starting knot and loop up so should I continue with this method?

Any advice would be helpful anyways.

Thanks!! C:

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