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Ulfrick Tyrson
08/11/13 08:15:24PM
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New to dreadlocks

Introduce Yourself

Hey there everyone, I'm Ulfrick from toronto canada, after many many years of wanting dreadlocks but always coming up with one excuse or another not to get em (and a rather lamentable period where I had to chop all my hair off for work) Mine finally grew back long enough and I decided to finally take the plunge. spent the past two months or so pouring over any and all information I could find about em (including spending many many hours pouring over this wonderful site)

During that time I was trying to go for the natural dread approach, picked up some residue free shampoo, increased my washing regimine to 3 times a week (I've been doing a natural water only regimine once a week for the past 5 years) however after those 2 months and due to a compulsive finger combing habit I have (was trying to control it but no such luck.) my hair was still just as razor straight and smooth as the day I began, so despite knowing the inherent risks I took the plunge and got help putting em in with crotchet and backcombing... yes yes I know how damaging it is for the hair, and I know that it will take longer for them to mature and repair themselves, but its better than them never forming at all.

Anyways I do have some pictures on my phone both before and after which I will be uploading to the timeline segment next chance I get. i'm really happy with em and excited to see where this journey takes me.

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