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Rude Bwoy
11/07/14 04:29:56PM
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Loose ends??

General Talk

Hey the tips of my hair isn't really locking up. Probably because I had a habit of kind of doing a light TNR whenever I separated my dreads after washing my hair and what not, which would kinda push the knots up some. Anyways I quit messing with it much and the ends aren't really dreaded.

The rest of the 'dreads' are semi-decently knotted up in certain places.

Also I got some dreads I felt were huge in the back, they already consisted of 3-4 mini dreads that combined in to one. I left my hair alone for like a week and two of them connected together. That section feels like as big a round as the top of a pop can. Could probably fit 2 or 3 of those sections across the back of my head lol. The rest of the back isn't so large though, should I be worried im going to have a baseball bat sized dread there?

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Rude Bwoy
04/20/14 02:05:36PM
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Off topic rant. Need to vent...I swear I got the heart of Buddah and Dracula combined...

General Talk

Ok my post came out blank, and I wrote and edit that it didn't accept, and now time ran out so I can't edit it. Stupid mechanic, but what ever XD.

"Set in those ways, with those views."

In what ways, in what view? The way of nature? The views of Nature? Man + Woman = Child.

I don't want to turn this in to a gay bashing thread, but I'm not set in any ways or specific views, my view on life are subject to change daily based on the things I see or experience.

I am not willing to accept "Gay" as a normality, this is true. But I am willing to accept gay people as normal, and treat them as normal people.

If you are gay, ok I still love you, I just hate the sickness. Same as someone addicted to crack, I love the individual, but hate the sickness.

Gay people, or their supporters, are not willing to accept any view that could be marginally against gayness. They are not willing to find common ground to stand on, and are not willing to compromise at all.

Walking away could be an acceptance of each others a opinion.

Maybe they realized I don't hate gay people in general, so they lost the will to debate? Its real easy to debate with someone when you get to call them all kinds of names, and act like they are shallow and unwilling to learn. You can just say they are "Set in their ways!"

Maybe it was to hard to come up with something that can argue with the laws of nature, Woman + Man = Babies. Man + Man = extinction, Woman + Woman = extinction, perhaps if one day Men are able to carry children, or woman can get each other pregnant, my views will lean towards accepting this as a normal and ok thing.

Maybe, they are to shallow and "Set in their ways." to continue a discussion with valid points, or perhaps this created a situation where they have no facts or evidence to bring to the table?

I 100% accept the fact that my typical way of speaking is rude and offensive.

I 100% accept Gay people, I am willing to treat them as normal people, and to view them as my equal, Its not something I have to force, and to be honest I'm not even interested in rather your gay or straight. Its not one of the things that cross my mind when I meet/interact with people.

I will by no means, accept "Gayness" to be considered a happy and healthy state of mind. Its counter-productive to the human race, and against any religion I have ever took the time to look in to. There is enough FACTUAL evidence to tell me this is not the natural working order of the brain.

Its the same as being color blind. I'm not going to hate you for calling red green and green red. But I am aware this is not a good thing.

Perhaps I'm not the one who is to shallow minded. I am open to new views and opinions, that is why I am able to accept gay people today. I was raised in a household to hate that kind of person.

Rude Bwoy
04/20/14 01:33:43PM
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Off topic rant. Need to vent...I swear I got the heart of Buddah and Dracula combined...

General Talk

Jimmy DC said:

Well walking away is not the best way to deal with it. The guy has his views/opinions and he backs them up with valid premises which makes his conclusions sound arguments, but they can be argued against, there's a lot of room to argue/prove him wrong. But saying 'those views' are basically too close minded(at least that's what I understand) to keep going then there's nothing to do. Idk I feel like its kinda lazy from the other side just to walk away because somebody has a different opinion, that's what a discussion is for, to argue different sides and to make the other side understand/ respect your side of the argument

Athena G said:

Not settled, but once someone has decided to have that sort of outlook on things, there is no use in furthering the discussion. Nothing can be gained, just more arguing. So it's better to walk away rather than keep throwing flames. When someone is truly set in those ways, with those views, nothing can be said to sway them.

Rude Bwoy
04/14/14 02:55:56PM
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Off topic rant. Need to vent...I swear I got the heart of Buddah and Dracula combined...

General Talk

That's cool =D.

Loving someone doesn't have to mean having a sexual relationship with them. Love has nothing to do with sex, you can love many people. You can't breed with them and continue on with humanity. =/ Love has nothing to do with being gay...Unless your going to sit here and tell me gays only have relationships with people they are in love with?? And then ultimately you want me to believe the same about straight people as well? Lets not hide behind the illusion that love was even a factor when one was choosing their sexual orientation, unless of course you've been with the same person your entire life before you ever thought of what sex was.

And no I didn't say woman are under me, I'm simply saying what are you trying to imply by saying I was being sexist? What harsh view was I trying to apply towards woman in my initial statement?? This is what I mean by trying to find sexism somewhere it isn't there. Those are the type of people who you need to be ranting and raving about sexism to. Not me for saying woman have some over the top motherly instinct to try to care for everything.

"In god we trust." Please, begin to explain to me how this is "My religion." and if you could continue, then I would like you to point out even further which religion you thik your referring to when you use the word "God" considering that is a pretty broad word. It doesn't say "In Allah we trust." or in "Jesus we trust." it says in God, and this government if you didn't notice is trying to bar so much as even the public display of a cross, let alone any mention of the word "God" any longer being apart of that.

"So from my post you decided what? I hate woman? I think less of woman? Lets be serious, because they think they can care for every thing in the world, and let their motherly instinct often cause more pain then good, I must hate woman and hope they stay under me forever right?"

Let me just point this out again real quick. Me questioning your logic, and you taking this out of context as if I'm stating your under me now. There is no under and over with men and woman, we both play separate roles, sure they can overlap at times. But our nature is not the same. Woman - Loving/Caring/Motherly/So on and so fourth. Men - Combatitive/Defensive/Possessive.

Am I the type of person who doesn't want to see woman on the front lines of our military? MAYBE, but not because I don't think they are capable of holding their own, but simply because they play a more vital role in our reproduction. If we came from the same small tribe, the men go to war. Because if only 1 comes back, he can still repopulate. If only 1 woman comes back? Things get a little more complex.

What I was saying, was don't drive me in to this corner of thinking woman are less then equal to me, just because I pointed out they are eager to take someone/something under their wing. Often to eager. This isn't even a negative quality, so why try to make me out to be the guy who thinks woman are below men.

Can woman compete with men at everything? Nope...

Can men compete with woman at everything? Nope...

We are not made to accel at the same things, we are meant to compliment each other. That's just the way it is. If this makes me some kind of 'sexist pig', so be it?

Again I say, your combating me over being sexist for saying "Of course she is a woman so she would get another animal." Yeah, like I said. Your going on a sexist rant over me calling woman nurturing.

Where the sexist rants should be used = when someone actually is talking down to woman, or feels superior to you based on their sex. Aka. Sexist.

Rude Bwoy
04/14/14 09:49:20AM
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Off topic rant. Need to vent...I swear I got the heart of Buddah and Dracula combined...

General Talk

Speaking as if woman are like what? Unable to not take in stray animals, or find new animals to take in regardless of rather or not they can stick with it long term? Over extending them self trying to care for something they dont have the means to take care of.

I mean, what did I REALLY say that would offend woman that much? Nothing really right? Your just one of those people who are trying to hard to look for sexism etc.

Here is a fun fact, most stereotypes are there for a good reason. Because when doing a vast generalization of someone/something/a race/ a group of people, they tend to be ->True<- In a lot of cases.

99% of woman can't turn down helping an animal in need. To be honest I really don't care that your upset or took offense to me saying "Of course being a woman she thinks its a good idea to take in another animal." The rest was directed at her personally.

If you can't accept the fact that groups of like minded people often share the same tendencies, well that is not really my problem now is it? I don't think I've seen even 1 instance where a blind woman screams sexist and it actually is a good time to pull that card. Its like you find the most meaningless unimportant situations to start screaming about sexism.

So from my post you decided what? I hate woman? I think less of woman? Lets be serious, because they think they can care for every thing in the world, and let their motherly instinct often cause more pain then good, I must hate woman and hope they stay under me forever right?

Yeah whatever, your just over sensitive and your looking for a reason to pity yourself or say you were being attacked in some way. Pro-tip. This is what the majority of woman do who say sexism. <-Yup that is a generalization. If it doesn't fit you, power to you, it still fits the majority of the other ones. =D

Even if you break it down to race, go for it. A lot of racial stereotypes ARE TRUE. That doesn't mean you have to hate and entire race of people because you don't agree with one of them, and it doesn't stop you from giving people a chance to prove that wrong.

As far as the whole gay thing. Yeah I use gay, I use faggot etc. as a deragatory term. And I will continue to do so my entire life. I always have, I always will. And to be honest, I generally have more "Hate" towards the person I am using that term against then I do with actual gay people.

I don't like gay people specifically, but I don't hate them just because they are mentally retarded. Its just a form of mental retardation, and to be fair...I feel really uncomfortable around retarded people, even old people if you can't think clearly for yourself I do have a slight phobia of being around you. Obviously gay people are able to live/survive in today's world and can self sustain so I am more comfortable around them then a normal retard.

But this whole over sensitive gay rights movement makes me sick. The way these gay people corrupt and persuade children in to thinking they are gay before they are even old enough to be thinking about sexual preference...

Fact - If everyone woke up gay tom. That would be the end of humanity as we know it, no more babies, no more human race. Its really that simple, and that is how I look at it.

I don't care what word you use to insult someone, "Gay, Stupid, Ugly, Bad, Fat, Skinny, Funny, Dumb, Retarded." its all the same. Excuse me for not being over sensitive towards gays, if you want to sit here and tell me you don't insult, or have never insulted anyone. Go for it...

If you want to sit here and tell me, dogs don't smell each others ass, or most men don't eat pizza. Go for it, your lying to me and your lying to yourself. Nothing I did or said here was any more extreme then what we do or say on the average day.

If your all wrapped up in this Anti-God/Lets turn the babies gay movement. Good for you, Personally I want nothing to do with that. And I'm not going to change my actions or the way I live to support or make it easier for a group of people who run around waving a cardinal sin in every ones face as if it's some special power they were born with.

About the situation - Dog ended up getting Adopted after 2 days of being at the pound. =D Hopefully someone is treating him well.

About the rest of it - I'm not a Fairy, I don't live among Unicorns and Rainbows. Shit happens in life that i don't agree with, and I am 100% willing to speak my mind about it.

I think its REALLY suspect how this homosexuality fad is taking off across the world or more specifically America...When you look at the media, when you look at ANYTHING they are basically driving homosexuality down our childrens throats. Hell, you can find 12 or 13 year old KIDS who swear up and down they are gay and life is going to be so hard for them. WHO THE FUCK HAS A 12 YEAR OLD KID THAT IS THINKING ABOUT SEX OR SEXUAL PREFERENCE?? MAYBE IF THE GAY PEOPLE STFU ABOUT THE SHIT, LET IT BE A NATURAL THING, STOP TURNING IT INTO A PROBLEM, STOP PUBLICIZING IT. Your not even giving the kids a fair chance, your just driving sex down their throat from the second they open their eyes.

And you know what? Big Bother Babylon America loves it. Anything he can do to control the population, anything he can do to get money out of people, Anything he can do to make acts forbidden in the bible a part of peoples daily lives...And the blind will follow.

TLDR: I don't mind gay people, But I absolutely hate and disagree with ANY gay rights movements or activism.

I don't hate woman, and I'm not looking down on woman for taking in animals they can't care for...

A lot of stereotypes are true. I'm not going to sugar coat everything just because your to spaced out to hear reality.

-If there were no problems in the world, no one would be talking about them!- I'd rather wake up tom. and the mental defect of being gay is rid from then world, that would make me a lot more happy then waking up tom. and everyone just magically accepted gay people.

If Jesus/Jehova/Buddah/Whatever god you believe in comes to save the people of earth, guess what? He is going to HEAL the people of sickness, and being GAY is one of those sicknesses, its a mental defect, wrong from both scientific and religious stand points...When the time of healing comes, this plague will pass, so why should I waste my time sugar coating these peoples issue's?? Its a mental defect...Its that simple....

Amanda Clouse said:

If he said instead, "and of course she's black so blah blah...", it wouldn't be acceptable. Even though he is angry, there would be NO excuse for racism. Well, I feel the same goes for sexism. I would never make a generalization about men, even when mad, because I don't think that way. Excusing it because he is peeved at his sister is not a valid and acceptable excuse in my opinion.

Speaking as if all women are like that was an unnecessary inclusion in his post and the point, I am assuming, he is trying to get across (I did stop reading after the sexist sentence).

He has the freedom to feel however he wants about women, but when posting ignorant remarks like that, he should expect backlash from people who are bothered by said ignorance.

Rude Bwoy
03/31/14 12:21:55PM
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Interesting stuff...The destruction left behind.

General Questions

So yesterday I was doing some volunteer work for the national forest place near by.

Anyways, basically we went out to a site that was being rehabilitated if you would by planting a bunch of trees.

They showed us some pictures from back when it was being used to mine coal in the early 1900's no trees in the area, just a flat land with nothing really growing.(Pretty sure it was a forest before that, they come in harvest all the trees, and then start digging up all the coal.)

Anyways, the way they pile the dirt, and destroy the surrounding forest leads to the destruction of the water flow, streams etc. Basically the water instead of traveling down the hill sides etc, would instead sink into the mine shaft, cause sink holes to collapse etc.

This basically caused the streams to stop flowing, as the water was being trapped in the mine shafts instead of working its way down the mountain etc. and creating sink holes and everything else.

The idea from what I can tell was they planted like 2,000 trees. I guess they are hoping the trees would absorb the water before it sunk down in to the mine shafts or built up and got to heavy causing sink holes.

Anyways apparently this problem is going all over the place in this area. And probably a lot of other areas too, even when you look at the hill sides etc they look completely un natural.

Its kinda crazy to see the aftermath, and also helping to restore it, but not really knowing if in the future what you are doing will cause more issues.

I am pretty sure the tree's they were planting were not a natural tree found in that area? Basically they were on their 2nd or 3rd grow season, and we just went around re-staking the ones that fell over, and cleaning up the crap out there from the ones that disappeared. (They put a plastic housing around the tree's as they start to grow to keep deer from rubbing against them etc. and then zip tied that to a stake that helps hold it up.)

Was cool though to be standing there looking at pictures of how the place looked 100+ years ago, and its not even recognizable at all...=D I can only imagine once all those trees grow up.

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Rude Bwoy
03/30/14 08:58:58PM
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Hmm, hair "un-dreading??" To cut or not to cut.

General Talk

Wrote myself a counter argument. TAKE THIS DARK LONELY STATE OF MIND!

So they say there is someone meant for everyone...Like someone is supposed to 'find you.' or you are supposed to 'find someone' ...And its obvious in that situation the attraction will at first be physical.

So you can can anyone find you, when everyday you practice rituals to change or hide who you are, hair cuts, make up, starving yourself to stay skinny...

You see, if god showed your soul mate what you were supposed to look like, WHAT HE CREATED YOU TO LOOKLIKE, and said go find this person, so you may attain happiness. They would walk right past you, not even noticing a resemblance.

-All Natural/Natural Selection/LongHairDon'tCare- Go on painting your face like a clown to impress your boss, or your coworkers...I'll hold on to my natural look, and perhaps impress my creator.

Rude Bwoy
03/30/14 08:11:09PM
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Hmm, hair "un-dreading??" To cut or not to cut.

General Talk

Yeah I don't legit think my hair is going to make or break me. Hell It can't put me in any worse of a position then I am in already. And I don't mind looking a lil wild, I'm not trying to impress anyone anyways XD.

And realistically I probably wont cut it, just discouraging to see the progress I did have disappear.

Plus I am slipping in to my F the world mode. Except I mainly only find ways to damage/spite myself. So it was probably one of those things, I know I can take away something I been striving for type deal =D.

But I do think I was having some false dreads from residue and crap in my hair, dandruff getting trapped in the ends of my hair etc and probably washed it out with the dead shampoo.

Rude Bwoy
03/30/14 07:17:13PM
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Hmm, hair "un-dreading??" To cut or not to cut.

General Talk

I feel it...And Maybe its just to short to dread still. But long enough to look messy.

My bangs only really hang down to my nose. But the hairs around my ears and stuff that rest on my shoulders look like a spirally mess, but I have to move all my top layers to see those =D. So maybe that is a good sign.

Either way unless I can find some work looking like this I'll be living under a bridge before my hair stops looking crazy.

Rude Bwoy
03/30/14 06:31:05PM
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Hmm, hair "un-dreading??" To cut or not to cut.

General Talk

Well, I don't think my hair agrees with dreading??

Been growing it for however long, probably can tell by looking at the pics of the last time I cut it, but anyhow.

A while back, maybe 4 or 6 months ago? Possibly longer I had TnR'd some of it, but took those out after a week or two because they felt horrible.

At some point, probably the last few months, I seemed to have a lot of hair that was knotted up at the ends, and would be loose up to the scalp with some loops here and there.

It seems however like all of those went away? If I look around I can find maybe 2-5 'dreads' which just really have the ends locked together, where as there used to be a ton there like 20+ just in that one area.

It seems like now that I have been keeping my hair more clean with dread soap etc, it caused all of the dreads that were formed to come out, now I am back at square one, and pretty much just look like a fool for no reason...I'm guessing either my hair was to short to be dreading to begin with, and now that is free and clean its worked its way out.

Either that, or the ends were really knotting up/dreading because of crap building up in my hair from not getting it as clean, and now that I washed all that out, I washed away my 'dreads' also.

So I basically just look a hot mess for no reason. Double that with the fact that I am currently unemployed, no one around here can relate to dread locks what so ever, so that doesn't really help. And factor in my dwindilling spirituality, and I am left wondering rather or not I should just chop my hair off, its really annoying not being able to keep it out of my eyes and when the tops of it wash a certain way it can look pretty stupid when the scalp is visable.


Maybe I should not let my hair be all clean and soft, I dunno.

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