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Indie Prasad
06/01/13 05:46:13PM
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Help please! Dying dreadlocks a different colour.

Dreadlock Styles and Dread Styling

I'm looking for some advice, I've been thinking about dying a few of my dreads to brown, I have naturally dark black hair so would need to bleach it first. Or just bleach it until it turns brown-ish

Has anyone had experience of bleaching dreads?

Would be very grateful for advice.

Love and peace xxxxx

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Indie Prasad
05/28/13 08:40:38AM
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About to start Dreads and need to know if i can use synthetic hair to mix in with my real hair to make my dreads longer ?

Dreading Methods

TineR said:

BTW I fucking love my very very extended locks! I mention this, because everytime someone tries asking about things regarding dreadlock extensions, someone comes roaring in to "save" the day, with comments about how wrong it is to have extensions, which is in good heart, I know that, but unfortunately, it means that people like me, don't feel welcome in here. In the last five months I've only felt judged for my hair once and that was when I tried to join this community. As many others (I later realised from other forums around the web, which unfortunately are so much smaller than this one) I just left, with no intention of returning, but EVERY time I try googling a question on my hair, this page is what comes up. Which would be fine, if not for the fact that half the time the answer to peoples questions are not really being answered because it is oh so important to point out that extensions are baaad and probably also because people who like their extensions, either doesn't use this forum or maybe aren't the types who like disagreeing with the top dog...

Today I guess I kinda snapped, because hating online like this, is really not my style, I just needed to get this crap out there, to be honest it has been eating at me for this whole time, because it was my only bad experience with dreads and really made me feel sad at that time :-/

My friend - if you want synthetic locks added to your real ones that's totally your choice and no one should judge or scrutinise you.
I do love this site, and love the fact people take their time out to help and advise others, and I try to where I can as well..
At the end of the day, our hair is temporary just like the whole of our material self is temporary, it's what we carry within us which matters, and the actions we carry out, and the energy we pass on to others.
Just because someone's locks have developed naturally does not mean that they are more spiritual or in any way better than anyone else, it's a personal decision.
Spirituality and humanity comes from within, from the soul, and looking down on others for the way in which they choose to wear their hair is the BIGGEST hypocrisy.
To live free is to exercise choice, and peace is to love and respect others.

Peace, love, and stay strong.

Indie Prasad
05/28/13 06:50:28AM
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About to start Dreads and need to know if i can use synthetic hair to mix in with my real hair to make my dreads longer ?

Dreading Methods

Ok for a start - I wouldn't use human hair, for the above reasons of them carrying another random persons energy.
(Although I do know of people who have added a little of a best friends hair into their dreads, which I think is quite nice :) )
I know people who have extended their dreads with synthetic dreads by chopping of the end of their real dread and crocheting the synthetic one onto the end - I really wouldn't do this either as it can get messy and will almost definitely come out over time. Plus your damaging your dreads while doing this. I've seen the results of this and it's not a pretty sight.

Something which I do is add synthetic dreads to my fringe if I want to play around with a bit of colour in my hair, It's very easy with no damage to your dreads or your hair. You just braid them in and take them out whenever you like. So completely non invasive, but this only works if you've got loose hair like I have at the front/fringe.
Also there's a way of attaching Single Ended synthetic dreads to the top of your dreads which doesn't interfere with the dreads at all, Single Ended dreads have a loop in the top, you just loop the dread through the top of the single ended dread and pull it through (in much the same way as you'd attach a bead or sleeve to a dread) but you want to make sure the synth dread is light weight and preferably thin so it doesn't pull too much. And I'd only recommend this for short term wear.

There are a lot of different ways of attaching synthetic dreads to real dreads, and most of them are pretty damaging apart from the method of looping a single ended dread over your natural dread :)
Hope this helps a bit

Take care
Peace n' love

Indie Prasad
05/19/13 12:49:29PM
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Want some dreadlock soap or shampoo for FREE? (UK only, sorry world! :/)

Dready love

If I can see a full ingredients list I'd be happy to try your soap :)
I'm in the UK too.

Indie Prasad
05/10/13 05:19:10PM
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dreadlocks and how they change you

Member Journals and Timelines

As someone just beginning my dreadlock journey, that was so beautiful and inspiring to read.
Wish you all the best Tyler,
Peace and love for the rest of your journey!

Indie Prasad
05/06/13 06:49:35AM
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Is a womans sexual appeal/value really in her hair?

Dready love

This is so interesting.
I think it's quite heavily embedded in western society (and eastern, don't get me wrong) that hair is a marker of feminine sensuality, it's an idea that has been present in Art, literature and all areas of the media for centuries upon centuries. And there's no doubt it's imprinted into the subconscious of the majority people.
My personal decision to dread my hair has been to step away from this idea.

I had thick wavy hair almost down to my hips and for a very long time went to great pains to maintain it every day in the belief it was key to my identity as a female.
I've decided to let that go now, and with it I've shed a lot of insecurities. I'm embracing the things in life which matter and worrying less about superficialities that I could live without.

There's so many facets to a woman, and it's what's inside that matters. Actions speak louder than looks.

But yeah, dreads looks absolutely stunning on both women and men IMO!

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