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Michelle Stone
09/06/13 09:41:38AM
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Cutting/Trimming Bottom part of hair?? 5 months in Rip n' Tear Method

General Questions

Yesterday was my 5 month dreadieversary! I've got lots of shrinkage and unevenness.

I know that this is normal.

BUT, has anyone ever trimmed their hair to even it out while it goes through this stage? And if so, does it mess anything up?? I don't want to screw them up, but I reaaaaallly want to trim some of them! My sister does hair for a living, but doesn't have experience with dreads so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Michelle Stone
09/02/13 01:29:35PM
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My Dreading Journey: One Year with Dreadlocks! (Pictures!)

Dready love

beautiful! they looked great from the beginning..kinda making me think maybe I should've done backcombing! :) and congrats on your weightloss too!!!

Michelle Stone
08/12/13 01:27:27PM
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Michelle's Twist n' Rip Timeline!

Member Journals and Timelines

thanks Barrellady!

I have no idea about the water, but it must be. I've started using less BS just in the shower and not leaving it in as long, and it seems to be helping, but I will have to try the acv again. I'm also thinking about ordering some soap from dreadlockshampoo - honestly, I'm way too lazy to boil water nor can I afford to pay for bottled water just to wash my hair. Just keeping it real. :)

And yes, I love the loops..they are really crazy and fascinating!! I need to wash it again and take better photos today or tomorrow.

the Barrellady said:

Great timeline Michelle, glad you shared it with us! Don't you love all the loops that are forming, I found that stage very fascinating when I went through it. I used the BS wash, ACV rinse for my entire first year and loved it. I see you are having a bit of a time with the ACV, so just passing on the ratio and time to make sure you have it right, it just might be as simple as that. After you rinse out the BS wash, mix 1-2 capfuls of ACV with 5 cups of water, pour over head and rinse it out within one minute. For you, maybe try only 1 capful, which is a teaspoon, and also rinse it out right away, not waiting the minute. Try this a couple of times and see if it helps.

Also, if you have hard water, this gives an oily feeling with the BS wash as it does not dissolve properly in the hard water and give off an oily feeling after time. If this is the case, then for the BS part only, either use bottled water...I buy the water cooler size, lasts a long time......or......boil your water first, let it cool down, gently pour out the 5 cups of water to mix with 1/2 cup of BS, leaving the mineral deposits at the bottom of the pot.

Looking forward to more updates....peace

Michelle Stone
08/11/13 05:55:26PM
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Michelle's Twist n' Rip Timeline!

Member Journals and Timelines

thank you!! :)

it seemed more oily after using acv but I will try it again because I really don't want to use regular shampoo. I may also check into dread soap or some type of hair soap!

soaring eagle said:

they look so good

well bs will make your hair feel weird without acv but stop using regular shampoo! get the www.dradlockshampoo.som shampoo and use tnat u may want to use only that not the bs but its up to u it sure beats salon brands

Michelle Stone
08/11/13 04:49:09PM
7 posts

Michelle's Twist n' Rip Timeline!

Member Journals and Timelines

Michelle's Twist n' Rip Timeline!

Hey guys! I'm a little over 4 months into my journey and thought I'd post a timeline on here. I haven't been taking as many photos as I would like, which is a shame (since I AM a photographer!), but I have been trying to make sure I at least take some every month. Can't find my tripod adapter so these are all just snapshots with the iphone. This will be photos and my thoughts and experiences during the process which I've been journaling.

So, before dreads... I love my hair, but had always admired dreads and toyed with the idea of trying them myself. This was best photo before I started them. Clearly, it's Christmas :)

My story:

I have thought about doing dreads for years and years. I've gone back and forth on it for lots of various reasons, many of them out of worries and fears. Would they look good on me? I mean, part of doing it is to NOT care but I'd be lying if I said I really did not care. Who doesn't want to feel attractive? So yeah, I really worried about that, what my family would think, etc. What would others think? Would it affect my business negatively? What about people's assumptions? Would everyone think I was a drughead? What about dirty? What about the questions, like "can you wash them?"...the fears of the unknown! I did 2 dreads on each side towards the nape of my neck to kind of test the waters and then a few days later, I knew the time was right. Doing this represents a lot...facing fears, the unknown, having courage, having patience, letting go, trusting, and loving me no matter what my hair looks like. It was also about doing something soley for me for once and not caring about what anyone else thinks about it. But then's just hair right?

After doing TONS of research, I went with the twist n' rip method.I'm going to technically say my dreads started on April 5th. That is when I really began the process, though it took me a few days to do all of my hair because I did them all on my own. I have a lot of hair too and I did small dreads because I like them smaller plus they will get fatter and fluffier over time!

First real photo I took. this was on April 7th. I still hadn't finished them at this may can tell at the bottom.

April 7th

April 9th - Almost finished and down

April 17th - almost 2 weeks. Fuzzy McFuzzerson!

April 21st - Trying to Love the Process

I have had some really not fun days of major crazy itching....for the record, if you ever do the sea salt and water spray, try your best not to get it on your scalp and also plan to do it 20-30 minutes before a shower. You will thank me.

So aside from that, I'm dealing with them kinda looking a hot mess right now. I had an engagement party to go to last night and while I felt I looked OK, I saw a photo from last night and I think it looks awful....*I* look awful! I already posted it on IG and my friend posted it on her FB, but I am just cringing! I shouldn't care that much...why do I?

I also happened to see a girl with beautiful hair today and it made me want hair like that, plus you know, not being able to do the normal hairstyles that I love doing. I know this is a journey and all, but dang, I really have been considering taking them out today. Hey, I gave it a go!!! HAHA!

But, I gotta see this thing through. I sure hope there are more days where I can say I love them and don't want to take them out! And I hope it happens soon...ish. :)
April 22nd - Resistance
I keep wanting to take them out. Is this a normal stage? Is this fear?

I am really missing having "normal" hair right now!

Part of me wants to give up and comb them out. The other part of me is feeling like that I should stick with it because my urge is to "run away" from the process if you fight the change and whatever that brings.

Maybe I'm exactly where I need to be.
April 24th - A Good Day!
Here are a few photos from today, which is just2 days shy of 3 weeks! The ends are loose (purposely and my hair naturally wavy/curly). Also, I counted them last night and there were 71 if I did it right!
First off, let me say that after washing last Friday, I haven't had ANY itching up until last night. Can I get a hell yes?
So I washed them again today and I'm loving them. Some of them have fallen loose and previously, I've re-done them (twist and rip), but I'm letting them go this time. I did blow-dry them just because I have SO much hair and I also wanted to separate them. It took awhile but the fact that I won't have to doanythingto my hair for days makes up for that!
So yep, it's a good day in dreadland.
April 25th - Three Weeks Sorta!
So yesterday I took these thinking it was 3 weeks, buttechnicallytoday is 3. Ah well.

Nothing special either..just a couple of shots on the iphone. I am a photographer, so I should take a decent SP soon!

Some of them have fallen out quite a bit and the bottom part is loose and a bit curly. It is what it is! :)
May 5th - Cinco De Mayo and 1 Month!
Sorry it's so teeny tiny. It was only photo from that day and I cropped it from a group photo. :)

May 7th - 1 Month 2 Days
So today is probably the first time I've had the urge to brush my hair. Interesting!
Nomaintenance I'm just letting it do it's thing. Only thing I am doing is separating when wet and I'm only using baking soda and water. I quit the ACV for right now. No itching until it is time to wash, and that's how I'm washing it...whenever my scalp starts itching!
May 18th - One month 1 Week 6 Days
June 5th - 2 Months!!
So today is two months, which seems kinda fast. Time seems to go by so fast these days anyways.

So yep, they are now two whole months. Most of the "twist n' rip dreads" around the top left side have fallen out. Others are sticking much so that it's been a total bitch to separate them and keep them separate. I've heard of some people doing the rubber bands and I'm tempted. My hair tangles and mattes up so easily that it's extremely hard! Part of me thinks I should just let them be but holy shit the other day after washing, it hurt so bad to separate them. And it took forever. Bleh!

So here are some photos. 2 months.
Hot mess in the back.
June 27th -2 Months, 3 Weeks and 1 Day!
So the dreads are coming along!! I've been having to separate them a LOT and am quickly becoming less tender-headed! I had some problem areas but I finally got them separated and making sure to do it at least once a day, and when I wash I have to do it once while wet and once again when they dry. The trouble areas are mainly on the sides where I sleep. I may need to get some kind of scarf or a silk pillowcase and see if it helps.

I am still loving them so far, though I finally washed them with regular shampoo (gasp!). The front area was just not feeling clean and felt too oily so I used Shampoo Three by Paul Mitchell to try and strip the crap. I didn't do that before starting and I guess I should have. I will go back to just baking soda (and occasional Dr. Bronner's Peppermint) and see how it does now that I used the Shampoo Three.

What else.. hmm.. I think I've had more fear of what others will think than what they actually do. I guess because I witnessed it before with a friend who had dreads so I expected it, but the truth is, everyone has been really positive. And that's SO AWESOME! :) Granted, it still looks like "normal" hair a bit, but I am still really happy that I haven't felt treated differently or in a negative way. And I sure hope I don't but the truth is, if I do, that's on them and not me. :)

Here is the back that I took earlier for a friend who wanted to see them.
July 3rd - Almost 3 Months!!
July 4th - With my twinkie
July 14th - 3 months 1 week and 2 days
Back and Pulled up, looking pretty thick!
August 5th - 4 Months!!!
Today is my 4 month dreadiversary!! It's going by so fast!

It's kind of a hot mess right now but I also kinda like it. I'm embracing the messiness. I've got TONS of crazy loops and it's starting to shrink too, which I didn't expect so soon.
I've used regular shampoo a few times because it's just not feeling clean with just baking soda. It has this weird feeling to it. So I'm alternating. Other than that, I'm just separating. The roots are really messy but I'm just letting them do their thing.

The past couple of days I've had thoughts about combing them out. Not sure why, except maybe because they DO take time. Patience, patience! I don't plan on taking them out though...I am going to see this through!
Now some photos!

2 & 4 month comparison. Only thing I did is separated the funky dread in the middle that started to congo.
Tons of this happening, especially on lower portion of my head in the back!
And one more from today for now!
I'm going to try to take some more this week of all the crazy ass loopiness going on! :)

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Michelle Stone
06/13/13 04:36:20PM
7 posts

How often do you separate baby dreads?

Dread Maintenance

after I asked I read another thread and now replies here..and yeah, ok, I am def saying NO to rubber bands!! :) I will just have to keep separating them every day. good to know I'm not alone in needing/having to do this on a regular basis.

Michelle Stone
06/10/13 11:23:37PM
7 posts

How often do you separate baby dreads?

Dread Maintenance

I was literally JUST wondering the same thing. Mine are just at 2 months (rip n tear) and the roots are really loose and they are matting BIG TIME. the past two times I've separated them hurt like a mother... and even after separating while wet, some joined together as it dried. I did a lot of smaller dreads and want them to stay that way. I've seen some people do the small rubber bands and was wondering if that would be a good option for me?

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