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Athena G
08/05/11 04:43:17PM
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Will my basic hair/scalp issues make dreading that much harder?

Dreads Hair and Scalp Health

Hello. I am new here, so I apologize if these questions have been addressed already.

I am debating starting (natural) dreads but have a concern with my hair.

My hair/scalp is naturally oily. To the point that if I don't wash it at least every other day it looks terribly greasy. If the natural method is used, can I still wash my hair as often as I would when NOT trying to dread? I've seen sites that say to not wash hair for a week after dreading, but that is with the backcombing method and wax being used (ew...)

As of right now may hair is about 20 inches long, very thick ,and slightly wavy in texture.

Is there anything (like a special shampoo) you guys recommend for combating oily build-up?

Any help/advice is appreciated. :)

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Athena G
08/05/11 03:54:45PM
12 posts


Dreads Hair and Scalp Health

Hello everyone. :)

I have been looking into the different processes of dreadlocking for a little while now. That research is what brought me to this website. And so far I love what i have seen here. But, on a different site...I have to question the logic. The following are a few excerpts taken from the "MYTHS" page of the site.

Not combing your hair is the only way/best way to make dreadlocks.

This is called the Neglect method, this is how cavemen made dreadlocks, by just not doing anything to their hair. Thank the Lord we have found new ways to make them because this method take at least a year and the hair doesn't even look like dreads during the time, and many people who have made dreads this way have ended up with such severe cases they had to cut their dreadlocks off and over, usually with the backcombing method.

Wax is not a natural dreadlocking product.

Wax is probably the most natural product you can use on dreadlocks. It comes from bees that are from nature.

Backcombing is not natural.

Backcombing is just about the most natural way to make dreadlocks. Anyone who tells you this doesn't know much about dreadlocks.

The neglect method is the only way to make natural dreadlocks.

Not true at all. There are many other methods that are natural, such as Backcombing, Twist and Rip, Twist and Pin, Twisting, Dread Braiding, and Brush Rubbing.

Rubberbands break the hair.

False. Rubberbands hold the hair together while the dreadlocks are forming to keep the dreadlocks from falling out. So many people and so many sites wouldn't recommend them if they didn't do such a great job.

Dreadlocks damage your scalp.

Dreadlocks do not damage your scalp. In fact your scalp never even knows you have dreadlocks, because the hair starts to dread about an inch away from the scalp.

Some of these are debatable, while some just seem silly...

Their "MAINTAINING" section is also a tad questionable...

Please comment below with your thoughts.

updated by @athena-g: 01/13/15 09:07:45PM
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