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Earth Mama2
08/04/11 02:11:33AM
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beautiful inspirational dreadlock pictures

Dreadlock Picture Gallery

Band called Rising Appalachia...she has definitely inspired my dreads! Especially after watching this video. Rising Appalachia Scale Down

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Earth Mama2
08/04/11 01:23:40AM
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Hello! New to this website and dreading! (Advice, please? =])

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I have always absolutely loved dreads ever since I was a little girl...recently, one of my very dear friends (who has dreads of her own) did me the honor of starting four little dreads for me. Two at the base of my neck and two up top. I love them! I want more! Since my hair is pretty curly and has a strong tendency to knot up quickly anyway, I am shooting for the natural dreading method. I've never really brushed my hair much anyway and now I just don't. Period. I've also started using the baking soda wash and Dr. Bronners (alternating).

Here is my question, is it okay to help them along by using the same method my friend used?

She took the lock and held the tip firmly in one hand and then used her forefinger and thumb to kinda scrub up and down the lock. Once it was super, duper frizzy, she pinch rolled.

Is this similar/as damaging as the backcombing method? I fell like it might help encourage my dreads to start forming but I don't want to regret it later.

Also, she wrapped two of them with hemp in certain parts...will I regret this too? I like how it looks but I've heard it can prevent dreading and make them thinner.

Thanks so much! Sorry to be long winded. =D

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