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02/02/13 10:29:16PM
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My misfortune of being misinformed

crochet and dread tools recovery

I was caught up in the propaganda of dreadheadhq but refused to buy their products. I started my dreads using the crochet method a little over a month ago. I soon found that that method and the maintenance of that method didn't work

I want to know if there is anything in specific that I should do for my initial transition fromthe crochet method to this method. And I'm also concerned because I turned mydreads under through the roots about 10 days ago and put rubber bands at he roots shortly after. Should I try to unturn my dreads or is it best to leave them alone from this point? I've tried turningsome of them back and it's a bit of a challenge since they were turned and banded for as long as they were.

updated by @rayfer: 01/13/15 09:45:35PM
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