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Hillmom (Wendy)
01/02/13 11:33:50AM
12 posts

What now?

Dread Maintenance

I have no idea as I'm a noon myself. I would also love those answers.
Hillmom (Wendy)
01/02/13 11:30:24AM
12 posts

New to dreads but not to natural hair care!

Introduce Yourself

Hello all! About 3 years ago I stopped using shampoo and started using baking soda and acv. Then about 5 months ago I started using only water to clean my hair, and I love it! I have wanted dreads for a couple years now, but the myth and expense of product has kept me from just dreaming. Monday, while in the grocery store I saw some stunning dreads. It renewed my search for getting dreads for myself!
updated by @hillmom-wendy: 01/13/15 09:42:52PM
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