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Brady Bartell2
@Brady Bartell2
02/13/13 01:35:29PM
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dreadies and their hobbies

dready interests

this is my first post, and I thought i would be nice to show variety among dreadies by sharing pics or videos of what we like to do for fun... such as hiking, traveling, remote control cars, or even skydiving.

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Brady Bartell2
@Brady Bartell2
02/14/13 01:34:22AM
12 posts

My amazing revelation, thank you all dreadlockssite!

dreadlockssite appreciation

Kudos! its interesting cause i was almost brainwashed by other sites till one day at school i was researching with free time, and a teacherfrom one of myearly morning classes came overand i showed him the website i wrote down, which was dreadlockssite, and hehad a huge grin on his face and told me that i should definitely check it out...i loved the site! but didnt get the guts to actually start and join till about a year after!

Thank God I decided to take the AP class

haha so true des..on facebook last week someone asked my advice cause someone put wax in his dreads and because i didnt see it right away this kid who had already ruined 1 set of dreads with wax gave him advice instead he started off saying that he should skip the wax cause he already had to cut a set off due to overwaxing beut then ti[old him to wax after every shower and ppalm roll all day everyday then crochet

i told the kidthat was wrong and both wax and crochet very bad for dreads and the kid that told him to wax went on a rant about neglect dreads always get cut in under 3 months cause they are dirrty etc (word for word from i tried explaining that just the oposites true and that waxy dreads arely last but neglect dreads usualy last longest but he was so brainwashed by those other sites there was no getting through to him

luckily the kid that originaly asked the question did join here and is getting the wax out