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Ethon O'Brien
10/01/12 06:59:25PM @ethon-obrien:

well when i did them the final time (kinda messed em up the first time) they were all different sizes, ranging from micro thin to about an inch wide section. now there's about 80 something of them cause of the congos and theyre all different sizes. some real fat with sections even between 1 and 2 inches, and some still micro thin and some medium. i love them. shouldnt be concerned about the size. if you're gonna start them by hand and not go natural (which is what i wish id done) then id say the only thing you should worry about is the sections being round.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/10/12 07:55:33PM @soaring-eagle:

nooo you never want to crochet dreads.,..ever you tnr once (or go natural even better) then wash and seperate and nothing all the loose hairs will take care of themselves

if u crochet you only creating loose hairs by breaking hairs

.its extremely bad for dreads

bryan dready bear
09/08/12 08:54:51PM @bryan-dready-bear:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/08/12 12:02:07AM @soaring-eagle:

Baba Fats
09/07/12 09:12:05PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Check out the dreaducation page and the timeline treads

Katie Medina
06/07/13 12:35:53PM @katie-medina:

I'm happy to see you are interested in greek culture :) I'm from new jersey, but my mom is greek and we moved here when i was 7, so i've learned to speak the language pretty fluently haha i know how to write too, but i'm not good with intonations. However i haven't seen any mistakes in your spelling :D well it really is hars over here, but at least dad has a good job, and after i'm done with my military service i'll try to get one too :)

Katie Medina
06/07/13 05:58:36AM @katie-medina:

Hey there :) would u maybe happen to be from greece? i'm asking because of the name lol

mike e
04/23/13 06:38:26AM @ben:

I'm so sorry I never saw your note'[...please forgive me! What were you thinking of? Let me know, sweetie & I'll be happy to help you find just the right item for you! God Bless you! NAncy

mike e
02/19/13 07:32:53AM @ben:

Sweet!!! Thank you for the compliment & YAY another "family member" in Christ'] God Bless your journey my friend!

11/01/12 01:59:28AM @fernand:
Thanks you two for the welcome!

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