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Almost 4 months!

By: Faelwynn
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My dread's 4 month birthday will be on December 7th, but I'm just too excited not to post pictures now. There may be a few coming later as well. As you may note from the pictures, they are all developing nicely, and for those that were just a little too awkward and slow, I bound a few together (strategically of course!) with some wool thread that I had left over from a previous crochet project. My loops are running rampant and I just love it. Each dread has a life all it's own. Best part is, those dreads in the back of my head that I was so worried about at first are looking so wonderful now! A friend of mine was playing with my dreads and when she found the ones in the back she exclaimed "WOW now these are REAL dreads! This is what I was expecting to see!" xP Anyhow, PICTURE UPDATE!!

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