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Country: US


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Good wash ratios and 'conditioning' tips

So SE gave his ratios, but obviously,...
@Faelwynn 8 years ago - Comments: 6

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10.5 months-6/25/10
10.5 months-6/25/10
10.5 months-6/25/10 silly face
10.5 months-6/25/10
10.5 months-6/25/10
10.5 months-6/25/10
texture shot 10.5 months-6/25/10
Starry dread cuff on a dread
Starry dread cuff
Starry dread cuff up close


Rez Rasta
03/16/11 11:02:51AM @rez-rasta:
happy b day!

Aurora Borealis
10/23/10 12:44:10AM @aurora-borealis:
Sounds like a good idea girl (:Would you ever consider trading a tam for somethin? Like some dread beads or some stones or a didjeridooOoooo? (:

Panterra Caraway
07/29/10 01:50:16AM @panterra-caraway:
Was reading the thread about mushrooms, etc. with Jordan...right on sister! I agree with you completely. You are such a smart lady! Peace.

Jessie Carr
07/02/10 11:03:01AM @jessie-carr:
Ah! thats fair enough ^-^ thats really nice actually.Looks like im gunna have to go to my granny's house for some crochet lessons! =D

Jessie Carr
06/30/10 05:22:23PM @jessie-carr:
Hellooo ^-^ your dreads are awesome! nice loopsand stuff =D um..i was wondering if you amde and sold tams/ have a shop/ take orders? >.< I really like your tams and unfortunatly I dont know how to crochet =[ xxx

Jenni Macnair
04/22/10 04:41:36PM @jenni-macnair:
Hey i read your response to Jessie and wanted to give you a **virtual hug** must be tough having people close to you abandon you for a decision about hair x

Stephanie Saunders
02/01/10 06:04:03PM @stephanie-saunders:
Do u make them?

Stephanie Saunders
02/01/10 06:03:47PM @stephanie-saunders:
U r so cute! i love your hats

Orange Clock
01/30/10 06:50:20AM @orange-clock:
Very well said to and might I add that the tam would be lost without your face

01/24/10 02:51:26PM @celestine:
that's great!i will definately ask for your opinion and help in the future as well..take care...

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