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Evan Knapp


Location: Sydney NSW
Country: AU


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I dreaded half naturally about a year ago . Meaning, I twisted and ripped to jumpstart the process and caved in and used wax to try and clean up the look. It made my hair way funky and I got tired one day after they were pretty mature and solid and combed my whole head . Stayed dreadless for a year and just slowly decided I'm getting them back and the dreads have been coming back with a life of their own. I learned from the last go around that patience is key to the unique life of your dreads. I snagged a dr bronners bottle of soap and that litterally all I do. Wash my hair when it feels dirty and live my life. I feel my dreads get stronger when I do the things I love the most like skating down a huge hill in the breeze or surfing in the salty waters. My hair sectioned up pretty fast and I'm loving my untamed natural look. Guys , just let it go, I speak from experience . Just stop caring and you will be satisfied , we don't climb up trees in the wild and try to tame them do we? And they are beautiful.

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