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dreadlocks shampoo
Elliott Singleton


Location: Oswego, NY
Zipcode: 13126
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/09/12 03:02:38PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome id use aloe if anything and id stop twisting altogether

twistings not good for them at all

Linda Marie Gates
07/14/12 10:29:26PM @linda-marie-gates:

I looked through your updated pics of your dreads. They look amazing! I hope you guys are enjoying your travels :)

denise iesha alice shannon
11/23/11 01:56:41AM @cindy-lillemo:

Thank you very much <3

denise iesha alice shannon
11/23/11 12:52:13AM @cindy-lillemo:

I have three daughters, two which have special needs. I have watched them grow and despite their challenges achieve wonderful things...not only for themselves, but for me too. I know that regardless of how difficult it has been that I am a better person for having been their mom. I guess we never know what is possible...until it manifests before our very eyes. As much as there is ugliness and hatred in the is created by man, so too is the beauty and joy...that man perpetuates :)

denise iesha alice shannon
11/22/11 02:56:17AM @cindy-lillemo:

I was listening to your beautiful...brought tears to my eyes! What a gift he has <3

jessica rainbow
11/17/11 01:30:15AM @storm730:

andy goldsworthy would love your many curly dreads. they look just like his "rivers". see!

Tara Earnest
11/11/11 03:11:14AM @tara-earnest:

thanks for the add friend :D

i really cant wait to see how your hair progresses!

jessica rainbow
11/01/11 10:53:06AM @storm730:

i love the song playing. very beautiful

mike e
11/01/11 08:58:37AM @ben:

aw you're a sweetie']

mike e
10/26/11 08:26:36AM @ben:

Oh Thanks, Kathleen'] I have them in my Etsy shop (NYK-NAKS on the dreads site shops under Jewelry) They average's a direct link

Happy Day!

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