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Elle Gee


Location: Mobile, AL
Zipcode: 36609
Country: US


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Almost 5 months!

By: Elle Gee
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Weeeeee! My 5 month neglect dreadlock anniversary is coming up in a few days! I'm so stoked! Check out myYoutube channel for a complete timeline! Stay tuned for my 5 month loc update!

I've seen so much transformation since I began my journey. I'm loving every minute of it! I have put anembellishmentin for each month I've had them. I'll show you guys each bead in my next video and put in my next one.

A year and a half ago I was still blow drying and straightening my hair every single day. A year ago I was letting it go curly and juststraighteningmy bangs. Spending so much time on my hair was getting super old... I thought when I stopped straightening that I'd feel free of the daily hair fuss. I still spent a lot of money of products and a lot of time fixing it throughout the day. Now I spend about $10 every couple months on my dread shampoo bars and almost no time fussing with my hair. I do take time to wash my dreads to make sure they stay squeaky clean and sometimes separate, but that's it. I feel like I have so much more time each day to spend doing things that I love, as opposed to making sure each strand of hair is in place. I've been given a freedom that I wouldn't trade for anything.Making the decision to start dreading was an easy one. My natural hair is coarse, frizzy and dry. I got so tired of fighting the knots. I feel like I didn't even have to make a decision; My hair did.

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