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3 Months - Counting Dreads

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09/17/11 03:43:38PM @elaureng:
Thanks y'all! It's much more fun this way.Heather - Thanks for noticing, yes it is a tattoo with redish purple ink to look kinda like henna. It's a cross on a vine with the word "Pneuma" which means "breath of life" in Greek, but when capitalized it is also the word they used in the Greek New Testament for the Holy Spirit.

09/09/11 11:21:43PM @heather:

your so cute:) is that a tattoo on your wrist or henna? its pretty, whatever it is.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/09/11 10:51:48AM @soaring-eagle:
your so adorable :) theyre comming along fine :)

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