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Location: Livonia, MI
Zipcode: 48150
Country: US


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Curry Cravings

I thought curry deserved it's own...
@echolynnrain 9 years ago - Comments: 9

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Lauren Donati
04/24/12 12:19:19PM @lauren-donati:

Hi i was wondering if you know anywhere i could get dreads put in in Michigan

Good Energy
04/23/10 02:32:49PM @good-energy:
So sister are you on the road yet? Hope you are safe wherever you may be!

Jenni Macnair
04/22/10 05:45:55PM @jenni-macnair:
I love your kids name :)

tinkerbell the rainbow fairy
04/22/10 11:20:04AM @tinkerbell-the-rainbow-fairy:

sending you a big hug of love and light xxxx

lino sanchez
01/10/10 01:30:28PM @lino-sanchez:
oh cool. and now I know what you look like! haha

lino sanchez
01/08/10 08:00:43PM @lino-sanchez:
hey thanks. so do you have like yahoo messenger or aim? cuz i can never get through to you on this site

lino sanchez
12/26/09 10:11:35PM @lino-sanchez:
aghh i just private messaged you!

12/12/09 11:06:24AM @shakra-indextructible:
Thanks for th comment. Have a good day. and a good week

12/06/09 02:15:36AM @matthew2:
Haha. Well, thank you for letting me know. :) THe feedback is awesome. :)

12/05/09 11:00:27AM @christopher:
your welcome, hope your weekend is going by good. its insanely cold where i am....and i hate being inside. well hope to hear from ya soon

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