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Drew W


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Locks in the Office

By: Drew W
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My Locks' 3rd Birthday is coming up this month. I've given up crochet for around about a year and have been using the baking soda method for about 6 months and things are generally going pretty good.

I had a little issue recently when starting a new job. They were cool about my Dreads when I was interviewed and I asked if it would be possible to wear a head scarf or headwrap and they told me it was ok. They usually don't allow any head gearwhere Iwork. I find that I have a lot of loose hair and that a simple head band, scarf, or head wrap makes me look more tidy and presentable in an office environment too.After the first couple of weeks I was told to takeoff my head wearby the HR manager. I have since spoken tothe HR departmentand explained that the reason I grow my hairthe wayI do, and the reason why I cover my head (crown in particular)in public or crowded places(except sometimesoutdoors, orwhen relaxing) is due to spiritual reasons. That has appeared to do the trick and they have left me alone... for now at least.

I try to keep the scarves etc a neutral colour (Black, grey or white) so that they look professional and don't draw attention to themselves. I am considering making a black tam for winter and am wondering if they will allow this with it being an actualhat. It remains to be seen, but hopefully they'll dig it.

I was wondering if anybody else out there has had any similar experiences with Locks and the workplace? or if anyone has any tips for fellow Dreadies on Rockin' the Locks at work?

10/10/11 01:30:09AM @panga:

Hopefully all goes well at the office for you!

Even though it was "approved" at my office to have locks, there are still higher up individuals that seem to have issues with them. I'm not doing my job any less, my boss knows I'm a hard-working person and she is interested in them and my journey which is awesome. If I am having a meeting with those higher up in the company, I put my hair up in a bun or put a scarf around my head. Occasionally I'll wear a tam but I almost always let my hair down at my desk. Dress code there is pretty casual though...There are plenty of people who wear more distracting things than my hair.

Again, hopefully nothing goes awry at work for you and keep rockin those dreads!

Castaway J
10/09/11 05:18:52PM @castaway-j:

working in an office, this helps me get over some things, and also inspires me to do better at my work.

Drew, when i first threw the idea out in my office and said im probably going to start dreadlocks soon, i was met with a slue of negative comments from everyone. after i let them all know that they have been severely misinformed their entire lives, i changed my idea to a statement saying i am going to let my hair lock.

my boss and a couple others asked me for what reason i was doing this, and my response was the same as yours, spiritual reasons. that and just cant stand to look the same, same hair cut, and this and that. makes me feel less human. spirituality is a huge part of it for me, and thisdefinitelyworked, because no one has said anything real bad about it since then, they dont have to anyway you can just tell you know? its all good though man, and im glad i came across this post.

but like you said, we will see how long before they start saying stuff to me about it. i dont think i will have a problem wearing a band or tam or anything like that, because i work with some interesting people lol our tech department is quite interesting :)

Drew W
10/06/11 06:06:44PM @drew-w:

My last job was with an Environmental Agency and I started my Lock journey while I was there. I was actually suprised at how conservative people were at that place considering the main focus of their work. My work ethic seems to be similar to your own Soaring Eagle, do a good job and give them more than they expect. I have had awards for they effort I put in at the workplace, what wewear, howwe growour hair or whatwe look like don't preventus from doingour jobs, sowe shouldn't be judged onthose things alone.

To be honest, I'm just glad they didn't tell me I had to cut my hair, because I'd have been looking for work for a lot longer.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/06/11 05:22:58PM @soaring-eagle:
he office i worked in was both conservative and layed backthe receptionist had guaged lobes with crystals through the holes and tatsmost of the ret were kinda conservative except the server admin who in meetings would always have her bare feet up on the tableat the interview i tucked my beard dreads in my shirt and wore a tambut 1st day i took it off let my dreads hit the floor and the president walks by and just says "wow"a year later they were makimg promo calanders posters and stuff like that and put my picture on the poster front and center as well as the cover of the calanderso really image wasnyt such a big deal at alland since i managed the web design team i always had meetings with the clients (heads of multi national or local organizaions politicians etc) before matching them with a designerand cause i always helped them with more then what my job description was i was always the 1 that got called 1st for every lil thing even if it was unrelated to what we if their pc wouldnt boot theyd call me to help them fix itso the 1 thuing they did complain about was i was doing too much for the clients that wasnt my responcibilityso yea never got any complaints about the dreads

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