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Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

8 years ago - Comments: 0

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Blonde Locs 2
10 Months Old
Like a Pinata
about 4 months
about 4 months
about 4 months
Pretty much my favorite dread
2 1/2 months...
Just look at that loopage
Side view
Top View


Nic Sullivan
12/30/10 12:20:14AM @nic-sullivan:
Oh thanks! Yeah i miss those i often wonder what they would look like. now cause i didn't even have them for a year. I like yours a lot too, i actually wanted to do mine bigger. But looking back i like that size so i'm prolly gonna end up with those again. And i cut my first set cause i thought i was gonna lose my job so i cut them to find a better one. But then i didn't lose my job so i got them back. Then i didn't like how fat they were so i cut them again. Hahaha it makes me sad

Nic Sullivan
12/26/10 11:45:45PM @nic-sullivan:
Thats kinda crazy, i thought about doing it natural but i think it looks a bit to brutal for me. So i'm gonna do my locs again.

Nic Sullivan
12/26/10 12:17:08PM @nic-sullivan:
Hahah yeah i when i had mine i turned a few heads too. How long you had them? And how did you do your dreads?

Nic Sullivan
12/25/10 10:35:38PM @nic-sullivan:
Haha no my friend cole masatis goes there i was just on this site. And he was like hayyy i think i know this girl hahaha. THats pretty awesome.

Nic Sullivan
12/16/10 03:06:24AM @nic-sullivan:
Hay would you happen to go to Nova in Loudoun?

06/17/10 09:42:27PM @emily:
hey thanks for adding me, your locks are looking great :)

06/06/10 04:01:45AM @cavewoman:
this headscarf is like one big loop of fabric and you just twist it around :D comes in handy

04/20/10 12:13:32PM @zen:
thanks for accepting the friendship.p&l_zen

Lonnie Berg
04/04/10 11:11:15PM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings My Sister, so glad your journey has brought you here, hope we'll be seeing ya around often. Much Love....namaste'

Island Mamma
04/04/10 01:34:25PM @island-mamma:
Hi, welcome :)

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