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My Dread ressurrection from wax to natural

Supa Dread
06/04/12 09:06:11PM
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Whattup ya'll im writing this on here for a cpl reasons. One because i owe SE and a bunch of ya'll here a big heartfelt thank you for helping me "see the light" about dreads, and second because its never too late to fix your mistakes in dreading, much like life. I started my dreads in sept 2011 at a salon. It was done with wax and gel and all that garbage and i was told that i wasnt supposed to wash my hair at all for a few months. This sounded funny to me but i let it be. I went 2 months without washing. Came back and with not a lot of progress and wasnt happy with this loctician, so i went to another one. This guy mind you, has had dreads for 20 years, his go down to his lower back( i feel specifically betrayed by this person, because i feel as he knew that what he was doing to my hair was wrong, but he continue to do sojust for the money). So he washes my hair, and applies wax and gel again, and tells me not only not to wash it, but also to keep my hair covered as much as possible, as this would help them lock. After 7 months of only washing my hair once a month, and paying 50bux for every visit,something didnt seem or feel right to me, so i continued my online search for the truth, and lo and behold, the 5th website down on my google search was this site.( btw, to me this is a travesty, as this site should be the top choice as it is the only one that encourages the real natural way to dread). After talking to a few of you here, reading up a ton of information, and getting encouraged by SE, i decided to strip all the wax out of my hair(used the site) and the results were insane. even though my dreads are on the smaller side, the ammount of slippery greasy shit that came out. Months of wax, gel, and dirt came out the first application, and more on the second and third, untill it was all out. I then started doing my baking soda/acv wash at least once a week, with another washing with the shampoo from the dreadlock shampoo site. Let me tell you, in the 2 short months since i removed the wax the progress has been borderline ridiculous. When i stripped the wax after 7 months, i was surprised to find only the tips locked, as i expected more progress, but SE was right, the wax hinders, not helps the locking process. He also said,dont cover them up! let em babies hang in the wind!Right again SE!!!After the wax removal, knots are popping you all over the place, loops on top of loops, and im loosing a little lenght due to locking( mind you that this did not happen with the wax, because when the loctitian did them up, he would pull on the and twist them with the comb). There is new growth coming in and locking as well as major progress on the top and sides of my hair, and the back is almost fully locked. Im so happy i cant even put it into words. my hair has crazy volume now, it doesnt look fake and manmade like my previous FREADS( is the name i gave them fake+dreads= freads lol) So moral of the story is, just like in life, its never too late to try and correct your dreading mistakes, as long as you have great advice from great people, friends ifi may, because if it wasnt for ya'll i'd still have crappy FREADS and dropping 50 bux to so called loctitians.

P.S, i have posted pics here from the wax stage ( the one where i have the green shirt, and the one where im holding my daughter) to natural dreads, ( the ones of the loops and knots, and the one im wearing the red shirt. If you would like to comment feel free, or if your hair resembles mine and you have any questions as to what im using on my washes/soaks/ shampoos, and oils.

Once again, much love to all of those who helped me directly, and indirectly by posting helpful info on this site, and special shoutouts to SE, we may meet one day or not, but your prompt answers to my questions and constant encouragement to my non stop doubts gave me and my dreads a 2nd chance, and to you i owe a ton my friend, much love to you.

God Bless ya'll.

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Supa Dread
06/04/12 09:07:51PM
101 posts

These are the other pics i couldnt fit

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/04/12 09:29:13PM
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well thats awesome and they sure look alot less weighted down now

how long were they waxy and not progressing? and how much ya think u wasted with the locticians

and trust me getting that number 5 position when were the new guy on the block was a feat of shere willpower

we will get to number 1 someday but will take more effort and help from the community (see the members wabpages page thats the biggest way members can help)

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Tara C
06/04/12 09:36:15PM
645 posts

They look like they're doing so much better :) they Sorry to hear that you wasted your money but glad your dreads are coming along nicely now.

Supa Dread
06/04/12 10:31:43PM
101 posts

Well i would say for the 7 months i spent about 400, and it wasnt that it wasnt progressing at all, there was some, but all i can say is that in the last 2 months its progressed 10 times faster. And i know it took a lot for you guys to get to number 5, hopefully we can get up to 1 someday. knowledge is power. Thanks Tara, no biggie on the money thing, you live and you learn right??? Thanks tho

06/04/12 11:34:43PM
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Wow! The difference is amazing!

I'm glad you stuck with it and saved your dreads from the evil clutches of filth and wax. You should also be thanking yourself as much as the people you get advice from because it takes a lot of willpower to keep going after being disappointed multiple times.

They look great!

Supa Dread
06/05/12 08:40:13PM
101 posts

Thanks a lot Valerie for the support, i agree it took a lot of will power, but without the support of fellow dreads it wouldn've been possible. I love my "new" dreads, and im keeping them natural, and im keeping them forever. They've changed my life, on more ways than one.

Supa Dread
06/13/12 09:37:20PM
101 posts

Thanks Ms Reyes i appreciate it. I'm sure we all have our own awesome stories in a way.

06/26/12 08:13:47PM
197 posts

Lmao! Freads is an awesome name for those fake dreads! Ha!

I loved how positive your story was and I'm so glad that you ended up getting that icky wax out! I was going to wax my whole head but found this site just in time!!! :D

Supa Dread
06/27/12 10:40:17PM
101 posts

Well lucky you! im happy i was able to get it out too. I actually just saved a good friends dreads from the same loctician that did mine's. I told him to go check out this site and after reading all this info he told me he was ready to remove the wax, so i gave him my left over wax-be-gone. In the first wash he got a ton of it out, im sure it'll be all out soon. Thats the beauty of this site, knowledge gathered is knowledge spread. If we keep that chain moving maybe one day there'll be no more Freads. lol.

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