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Why not to wear hats when natural dreading - my year and a half journy and the effect the hat had.

6 years ago
35 posts

^Lol. I ben roccin this durag for uh minute. I don't think it hinders the process in anyway & it keeps shit out my hair.

updated by @ke: 07/23/15 12:19:28AM
5 years ago
2 posts

SO if I wear my hair pulled back with a scarf on it while at work (as my dreads are just starting, less then a month ago) then as soon as I get home, they will be fine? Besides someseparatingof course?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,094 posts

yea they will

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thomas karadanis
4 years ago
3 posts

yo i love my fat flat dread,many of dem grow by 2 now,dont touche the roots let it be,one love

4 years ago
47 posts

Man, took off a hat at age two and didnt put one on again for what 19 years (around 10 months neglect) and every day I wear one my roots dread by leaps and bounds. But I can see how nonstop hat wearing or lack of seperation could be a problem. And wearing it from the first day, I can see how it held you back. But hat, well "tam" wearing is awesome for me :)

last year
96 posts

I know this thread is 3 years old but it made me think... I started my dreads right before winter and I wore a tuq everyday it was cold..when spring started I took it off and wore my hair down everyday now it's starting to section..

hon.jah kassa
last year
15 posts

My profile pic debunks ur theory of hairs not bejng able to dread in a hat . I wore a hat all the F'n time believe me. I cut them off due to whatever challenges but im regrowing in my hat

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