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locticians what a silly concept

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,421 posts

when i started dreading i never heard of locticians actualy the concept was only introduced to me recently

so what is a loctician?

loc or locks are hair allowed to tangle matt and lock

the ician part comes from technician as in someone with a technical degree ion hair tangling

so that word could apply to the wind, the water, sleeping

since hair is always tangling and its harder to prevebt tangling then to allow tangling.

so where did all these locticians come from? how can they exist?


yea confusion the average person doesnt understand how hair can go from straight to locked without effort.. but that still doesnt exactly explain it does it? cause theres plenty of ways to put in effort and end up tangled right? but the very existence of locticians implies a certain level of technical dificulty in the process so if you need a degree ..and technical training to get hair to tangle it must be easuy to mess up if your not properly trained.

so simply by existing and claiming to be an expert they creare a mysrticism about the profession

they go as far as to make you believe you cant wash your own hair without their expertise!.

now lets look at self dreading vs loctician dreading

self dreading natural srtyle

stop combing-let it dread..simple

self dreading backcomb or tnr- twist n rip or backcomb then let them dread

either way wash as you feel you should

loctician dreading

300-800 dollars instillation (yea they actualy call tangling your hair installing dreads)

this nmay include any of the following

backcombing (if your lucky thats all they do but almost none styop there)

croichet (weakens dreads delays progress does extrenme harm)

wax (glues hair together to look f=dreaded by-=ut prevents tangling of hair movement and traps do=irt)

interlocking (creates weak points too tight roots traction alopecia maybe even broken dreads)

twisting (done as a starts ok but as maintenance harmful and they recomend it every few weks to months forever till your bald)

not washing for months to a year (washing helps dreads dread but locticians often dsay not to wash ir even get your hair wet up to a year they have yiou come inecvery 2 weeks to use a dry shampoo and estringent to kill the bacteru=ia they caused to grow on your scalp then when you can wash set up monthly washing appoiuntments)

glues and rubbers (actualy use hair glue or even liquid latex to glue the hair intio dread like shapes)

drwad perms (permenatly alter the haur texture frying it causing chemical damage)

felting (shrwad the hair to peices to make weak felted hair that falls off)

yarn braiding sewing in fake hair


then they do the every 2 week retightenings adding more waxes products gunks ..and pain

your 300-800 dollar dreads now cost 800-1500 and arent even licked yet

but they keep you coming back cause they make you believe yiou need them you cant wash your hair it wont taqngle on its own

and after all you paidalot to have hundreds of hours of unesacary work done so since you dont understand it and it seems hard and time consuming youd rather pay then have to learn to wash your own hair.

there are some semi legit reasons to get help with dreads if you ti=otaly neglected them and they all grew together you can stikll seperate them yourself but in this case might be easier to pay and get help (unfortunately after seperating they will want to crochet or wax )

there are a very small number of potential problems yiou can run into that a paid helper might be worth finding

but tgese problems are only caused by not knowing how to care for your hair the mauin 1 being not knowing to seperate congos

other tghen that they do more harm then good

i guess this was a bit of a rant but ..just that word..lioctician.. seems like a joke dont it?

is hair really that hard to tangle?

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:18:16PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,421 posts

doing nothing too complicated and stressful for you? dont worry you no longer haveto do nothing by yourself have our certified team do something unesacary for you and it will only cost yopu 500 down and 100 a week for life

thats less then your average mission to space costs

and we can bdo it all for you

from not washing for long periods to making you bald so you never have to worry bout yoir hair again

our top secret methods are not like;y to leave permanent scars in most cases

our special products harden in hours making your hair hard as a rock for that solid stiff dreadlike look everyone desires

new no steel rods left behind after 1st 3 months ..all the ridgidity without alerting homeland security

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
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