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Can't get scalp clean

last year
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Just like the title says can't seem to get my scalp clean.  Within 1 day of washing it is itching and starts to get oily.  I wash every 3-4 days using vicki's liquid tea tree shampoo. I have started to try ACV rinces/soaks before washing, but have only done that once so may need more time to work. I wear hats a lot which may contribute to it. I have thought about using a scalp brush like this 

but not sure if it would help. The one week I had a great scalp was after swimming ini a chlorinated pool, for 5 days after my scalp was awsome. I may just need to go to the pool every week lol.  

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last year
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acv might make it more oily

vickis detox might help (ask her about it) wash in hot and then do a cold as you can stand rinse

really do that cold long  as u can rinse to seal the pores

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last year
13 posts

ugg I hate cold water, but that makes since why the pool worked so well it was definitely on the chilly side. 

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