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Pregnancy and Dreads

Star Gryphon
6 years ago
190 posts

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot. Let me know if it fits better some place else!

Also, I don't have a question so much as a random thought about my own personal dread journey.

I was playing with a new up do style to wear to work earlier and I noticed that I seemed to have more loose hair than I remembered. It got me thinking about how during pregnancy it is commonly known that your hair gets super healthy and grows a ton with the help of the prenatal vitamins.

After being so blessed many women are then shocked to discover huge chunks of hair falling out not too long after their baby has been born.

My thought was that if I did lose a bunch of hair because it fell out, most of it probably just stayed in my locks even if they weren't attached at the roots anymore. This would mean that as the new hair grew back I'd have a ton of loose hair around my roots until it grew long enough and finally twisted in with the others.

I think I gained a lot of length this year's almost as long as I once had my hair before I dreaded it. My bf was constantly laying on it and trapping me by accident or I would be laying on it and try to lift up my head only to pull a muscle. I cut and donated 24 inches shortly after to locks of love....

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