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not sure whether to go full dread,

6 years ago
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recently i dreaded the whole under layer of my hair. with about 14 dreads total. theyre not too noticable. unless i wear my hair half up/half down. or in a bun and let some hang. i really like them so far. i wanted to wait a while and make sure i got used to them once they locked up, but i decided already that i want to do my whole hair, except for my fringe/bangs.

the only thing that is keeping me from this is, i am still young. 19. so even though i love them right now, when i am done at university i am probably, most likely going to want to take them out. i know that you can take them out with lots of conditioner, a comb, and patience, but i was afraid that when they are all out, my hair will be very thin and short.

i already have very short hair to begin with. i had a bad experience when i was 17 with my hair because id bleached it blonde and it melted. after that i had hair way above my shoulders. it took me three years to get it just below my shoulders. its very weak from alot of straightening, although i dont dye it anymore. anyway, the point here is, im wondering, will full dreads really damage my hair that much? will it be a significant difference? i dont want to regret it :(

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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if it dreads naturaly theres no damage tnr hardly anfy backcomb damages the hair but not o the extent of losing alot

crochet ..extreme damage and hair loss

but when u dread you will never want to talke em out and if for some reason u do your going to be dreading again within a year

so u might as well keep em

some go through 5 or 6 sets before realizing they gotta stay for life

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