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Nightmare about losing dreads

Miranda Linton
8 years ago
2 posts
So last night i had the craziest dream it started out me taking a shower and washing my hair i wrapped it up and took a nap when i woke up and unwrapped my hair my dreads were gone and i had normal hair again it scared me so bad that i woke up and started to feel my hair thank god t was just a dream but i was curious has anyone else ever experianced a dream like that it deffinatly made me know that im in this for the long run i hope i never feel that feeling again lol
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8 years ago
569 posts
This makes me want to make a thread about my dream which wasn't as bad as yours, it was actually really kool in a morbid gruesome way. I might post it. :P But yes, I've had a dream about me and my hair/dreads.
8 years ago
12 posts
I had a dream where I was clutching handfuls of my dreads in disbelief. I woke up in a cold sweat, relieved to find that my dreads were still attached to my head. crazy shit..
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,527 posts
haha someone just posted bout a dread dream and i told him hed have a dream like this within a year..and heres proofyea u will have nightmares bout losing your dreads..its just proof theyre becomming part of u

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8 years ago
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I've had several different dreams aboat me losing my dreasd in some way. In one, I dreamt that i got so much loose hair in my roots that one day they just snapped of. In another one, I for some reason or another cut them of, and regretted afterwards, and tried desperatly to attach them to they hair that was left.In all cases I woke up terrified. :S
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